Your dream project

If you could work on or create anything - what would it be?

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Not exactly me. I’d like to program an AI that thinks just like me.
Life after death. Yay


I’ve so many. :slight_smile:

  • One would be “porting” Elixir to the CLR with strong, static typing - something around F#. But with support for Actors, STM and Fibers. What a dream would be to use same language on Web and Mobile.
  • Create a multimodel (graph and document) database just for funs and see where it goes.
  • Create a Heroku/Flynn clone.
  • Create a Machine Learning library for Elixir (I know it would be slow, but well…).

I would love to work on a game someday. I learned to program to write games and have studied them in my free time for years. I’ve worked in a ton of domains now, but never really that one (with one tiny exception).

I also think I would really enjoy working on a Nerves project. Maybe not a “Boyfriend Bot” (no offense intended). If I could find a project I could get behind though, I think it would be an exciting new challenge.


A time machine built in Elixir that is supervised by a supervisor from the future that results in the Ultimate Supervision Paradox™


An elixir / phoenix CMS like zotonic in erlang or like Drupal. Which is very customizable and a good guide for phoenix newcomers.
Maybe ExAdmin + Coherence + Canary + ETS + Channel + template system.


I’d love to figure out a way to sell an on premise solution that connected to a cluster of all of the on premise solutions sold. Basically figuring out a way to have a datacenter-less cloud solution whose size directly matched the customer capacity.


It’s good to see I’m not the only one interested in life extension, time travel, AI (Matrix FTW!) etc :lol:

I’ve even considered Cryonics :003:

My own dream projects are the following

3 - a few smaller sites to learn Phoenix/Elixir
2 - a social site that helps raise a million pounds for charity
1 - …*drum roll* a social network :lol:

I also have a few ideas for side projects.

Once thing I would say to you all is, go for it! Start working or working towards your dream projects - you often find that people excel at what they enjoy or what they’re passionate about. Your dream project could be your calling :023:


Likely impossible dreams:

  • Time travel
  • AI

Possible dreams, oh so many! Non-exhaustive list by far:

  • Create so many elixir libraries, proper login front-end, static typing, etc…
  • I’ve been working on this one game off and on for about 20 years now, I keep going back to it starting to write it from scratch each time, never finishing it mostly due to no graphics abilities (though considering how many programmer-art games have been released lately, maybe I should just finish it sometime) where it is a graph based universe, the player exists in a given node, so a universe has nodes to galaxies, with nodes to solar systems or other things, with nodes to planets and stars, with planets having nodes to land, all of which is procedurally generated (all up to this point has been done, multiple times…), and you start out as just some robot, pretty pitiful, barely move, but have a nano-fab on you. You start by breaking down things, rocks, sand, digging down to ores (this has been done via heightmap deformable terrain earlier and marching-cube blocks more recently), start building little drones from those resources to mine automatically, build stationary platforms that you put ‘parts’ on to make factories that stuff gets delivered to, to make bigger things, etc… Keep going until you figure out the technology to be able to build rockets (piecemeal still, design it well) to launch off the planet into the next node up, the space around the planet, mine the moon, asteroids if any, get more materials, keep building yourself bigger, be a giant factory if you want, or make yourself into whatever you want, this is about as far as I’ve gotten so far in ‘playable’ though not pretty work, but eventually you’d be able to keep building more and getting bigger until you can eat entire asteroids, moons, eventually the planets of your system, start eating other systems, build a partial dyson sphere around a sun and use the output of the star to drive your impulse to get other places more easily, keep eating, getting bigger, make swarms of drones to keep going out to essentially dissolve entire solar systems at this point until you are able to start drawing power from the super-massive black hole at the center, using it to be able to power some sort of setup to link other galaxies that you can eat, eventually figuring out how to eat the black hole itself, etc… up through more dimensions of universes. Multiplayer was possible in a few versions (1 2d version and 2 3d versions), which was fun to start at the same ‘tech’ level and battle out for eating supremacy via massive drones or massive drone numbers. I’d really like to finish it someday, and I think a 2d version would be most easily finishable without being too much, even if I had to make the graphics (blegh). This game idea started via a conversation with a like-minded friend over the course of a few years when still in our early teens. Sadly work and home life has almost killed the possibility that I would ever finish even a 2d version… :frowning:

You realize that would harm its efficiency and guarantees yes? :wink:


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Datomic in Erlang or Elixir.


Something for the original topic and not about the current discussion here: if your dream project is to work on something related to civic tech and live in Germany: you have 16 days to apply for the Prototype Fund. Up to 30.000€ for half a year to work on your open source project.

I got selected in the first round with my dream project. Working on it in elixir/phoenix right now. If you need help or have questions in applying, contact me, I would love to help.


At this moment I have a very simple dream: switch from PHP + Laravel to Elixir + Phoenix at work.


Out of interest, what about the Laravel world makes you prefer Elixir/Phoenix? Is there a pain point working with Laravel, or is it just a case that the Elixir grass is greener?

Back to dream projects…

I work for a company building a 2-sided marketplace (like eBay, users are both buyers and sellers). The original site when I started was PHP/Symfony, which we decided to scrap and rebuild using JS (Meteor) to allow easier access to realtime functionality.

Since working with Phoenix Channels, and the frustrations of the client-side nature of Meteor, I’d love to rebuild our entire stack with Elixir apps. It’ll probably happen, just not anytime soon!


Not with Laravel, it’s a nice framework and does a great job for its purpose. The problem comes when I have to do anything real time (I have to use node.js for websockets for example) or async tasks (redis + laravel queues in this case). Also, I don’t like the idea that my framework has to be loaded for every single request.


Valid points. PHP is generally a bad option for holding requests open. Really needs to go through the start-process-teardown cycle as fast as possible and holding requests interfere with that.


Anything at all? Wow, too broad to even contemplate – time travel, immortality, space exploration, yadda yadda yadda. But a reasonable-sized project I could knock out if I had some spare time from work and other absolutely necessary pursuits like catching up on the backlog of this forum? :wink: I’d get back to work on Pull Request Roulette (, which has been stagnant for years but has SO much potential…

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Lots of people interested in life extension in this thread so putting this here…

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A faster dialyzer