Your guess on Angular 2 release timeframe [released 09.14.16]?

  • by the end of 2016
  • first half of 2017
  • second half 2017
  • will remain an infinite stream of RCs

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Not a single person believes that Google can pull it of :)?

I remb this great article by @akitaonrails whenever I hear React/Angular etc…

Fragmentation is no stranger to the Javascript world. But it’s a different kind of value generation. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, they all want to be the thought-leaders in the fast evolving Millenials generation. It’s a long term strategy. And one of the elements of this game is the Browser. But not only in terms of Chrome vs Firefox vs IE, but also on how applications are implemented.

Facebook came up with React. Google came up with Polymer and Angular. The Node guys went through a power struggle with Joyent which almost resulted in further fragmentation but they settled for the Node Foundation.

Apple went all on war against Adobe’s Flash and then only now Google is turning them off in Chrome, but they are all looting on the consequences for all the attention it brings in the Web Development communities.

Apple wants native to succeed and Swift to be the one language to lead it all. Google has conflicting strategies because they want native Instant Apps to succeed but if it fails, plan B continues to be for them to dominate HTML5/CSS3 based web apps with Angular. Facebook don’t want to have their fate being decided by the power struggle between Apple and Google.

It’s a complex power struggle unfolding, and you can see that it’s not about technical prowess, it’s not about value generation. It’s about ego, influence and power. Very fitting for the YouTuber generation. And the web technologies are being held hostage in this siege, if you havent’s noticed.



Regardless of motives we do benefit from this at times :slight_smile:
Swift is a good language.
Node thing to me was not so much power struggle as just different priorities of Joyent and some of the devs
(glad they worked it out). Joyent is really cool company.
In any case there will be fragmentation with or without power plays by tech giants, but we can benefit from millions they invest in building their attention grabbing tech.

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I don’t think it is about if they can pull it off or not. Angular core gravitation is to their internal Google CRM product, not the open source community. I believe the open source activities is just a side effect, and marketing stuff. Angular is not a official product of Google, as is the case of Ember or Aurelia…

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The optimists were right the final has been released