Your ideas for Elixir book authors and content creators

I 100% agree, PragProg is one my favorite publishers and would love to work with them. I did actually approach them with the proposal, however, for this one they felt it might be too niche which is not unfair when you consider that is CQRS/ES on an e-commerce business domain.

I’m actually working on a different proposal and keeping my fingers crossed this will be a better fit.

New dev platform? I apologize if this is well known I’m out of loop. What is the new dev platform you are referring to?

@slashdotdash Happy to chat about it, what do you say?


I’d be happy to help out as a technical reviewer. I’ve still not finished writing my own CQRS/ES and Elixir book (Building Conduit - Applying CQRS/ES to an Elixir and Phoenix web app).


It was first mentioned in our 2020 Announcement: Elixir Forum 2020 Update! with the latest update in the last post in that thread.

In short we were going to launch a polyglot forum (like this one but for any/all languages) but thanks to some amazing feedback (particularly from partners such as PragProg and Manning) we decided to expand things… I think you might like what we’ve come up with :003:

Hopefully it won’t be too long now but if you’d like to get early access let me know and I’ll set you up with an account :smiley:

I had some trouble with my Pragmatic proposal when I started—they said it was too niche (WebSocket in Elixir) and I couldn’t get it to work after a few back&forths. Bruce Tate gave me the advice to focus on what you can do instead of the tech. This led to the proposal being something like “build scalable real-time systems in Elixir”.

That shift completely changed the tone of the proposal.


Hey everyone! I believe this is the appropriate forum to share my comment.

I regularly write posts about Phoenix and LiveView for the Phoenix Files, and I was wondering if you have any ideas for what you’d like to read about. It could be anything related to Phoenix, or LiveView, or even the newest features / libraries. Let me know what you’re interested in!


multi-language/translations in phoenix (liveview) could be interesting…

This Command-K library might also be worth checking out GitHub - elixir-saas/command_k: Command+K implementation for Phoenix LiveView

and you also have the haystack library Building a full-text search engine in Elixir | Culttt

(command-k combined with haystack could be a pretty nice demo!)


I’d love to see a step-by-step on how to use Bumblebooth in an Elixir/Phoenix app :003:


There are tons of beginner resources (thank you) which are mostly awesome! I do think there is room for a beginner-friendly book that has a high level overview of how Elixir and related technologies interact. It would be incredibly cool to see something cookbook-like, but rather than example code, providing recipes for putting together a stack for working on a particular project. Of course, details would need to be filled in with more focused and comprehensive books and docs. I am thinking back to a lecture from bootcamp when my instructor trialed a new lesson I found incredibly helpful. It had all explanations and diagrams explaining why we were learning what we were learning (for example, wireframe-type diagrams showing information flowing). After this talk, I had a mental roadmap, and though it was a lot of information, it actually freed up my mental space to focus more deeply on each skill. My guess is that this might be an area particularly helpful for bridging the gap between more traditional education in universities, where there tends to be more room in the curriculum for cultivating awareness of larger-scale patterns, contexts, and perspectives.


on the search theme there is also meilisearch which recently released 1.0 -

btw articles seems to be missing a search function;-)


As a person who has chosen Elixir as a concurrent language I see lack of concurrency covering books. A book which is like “Functional programming in Elixir” In it’s narrow approach. I’m now reading “programming Erlang” as a book about concurrency Itself because I haven’t found proper texts with problems about It.
This is a little bit frustrating.


Designing Elixir Systems with Otp: Write Highly Scalable, Self-Healing Software with Layers

This are a great books on concurrent things in elixir.


Thank you and all the people involved in creating these interesting articles. I also really appreciate your initiative to inquire about the needs of others. I hope you will find interesting topics for your next articles.

Personally, I would be interested in seeing step-by-step tutorials or guides on creating a voice or video chat application using Phoenix and LiveView in a browser. The application could also include features such as sending real-time voice messages and creating discussion groups. A whatsapp like application…

I think this would be useful for many people, as it would allow them to learn the basics of Phoenix and LiveView while creating a practical and relevant application for an “OTP language” such as Elixir.


Learning Elixir with Phoenix. You go from basic concepts all the way to meta programming using Phoenix as the source material so

  1. You aren’t learning concepts in a vacuum / contrived scenarios

  2. Get familiar with the Phoenix codebase


I second the Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir recommendation. It’s very well done. For someone with limited background in comp sci it served as a great intro to the concepts. More broadly it was a great overview of the Elixir ecosystem’s main libraries and abstractions for concurrent problems. I would like to find a “real world” type example that builds an application step by step.

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A book about NX and Axon would be nice!


This seems to have moved:

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A 10 minute video on getting started with LiveView. I’m talking really basic stuff. Setting up a route, defining a LiveView module, assigns, rendering HTML. I.e. just getting dead renders working. Heck, you don’t even have to say it’s about LiveView! Just routing a web request to rendering HTML!

After dead renders, then show the connected?/1 function and how it relates to progressive loading.

Then annotating HTML with event handlers and how the LiveView implements them.

One or two 10 min videos to get people up and running with LV!


Here is where you can find an up to date version of the book: The Little Ecto Cookbook - Dashbit ebooks The one you linked is at least 3 years outdated (also please don’t link to the book directly).

And there is also programming Ecto from PragProg: Programming Ecto: Build Database Apps in Elixir for Scalability and Performance by Darin Wilson and Eric Meadows-Jönsson


Pretty much this?


Yes!! I remember there was some other thread where people were complaining that it’s difficult to get started with LV unless you started with it long ago and kept up to date with its development. But that video looks totally up to date with Phoenix 1.7… :+1:

Would be cool to see a similar video, but for basic CRUD type stuff, kind of highlighting how much easier it is to do “restful resources” in LV as opposed to normal controller/actions.

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