1) ElixirConf 2017: Day 1 Keynote - Justin Schneck (Nerves)

Since the comments are turned off on the YouTube videos, I’m going to post on talk per day on here for viewing and discussion…starting with, the Day 1 Keynote.


This was my first time really learning anything about Nerves and I have to say that it super cool that nerves is basically using OTP as the base operating system. Even having some init scripts that bring up the network. I’m also super amazed that the base package is only 20mb!


I think the keynote was a great start to the conference :023: Some cool info about Nerves and how Elixir is growing…

…but @mobileoverlord, you missed a trick as you could have highlighted the excitement and user-engagement around Elixir, due to, in part, how well the forum is doing compared to prominent forums of other similarly hyped and aged languages :lol:


I love the idea of these one a day threads!

This talk is kind of three talks in one:

  • An update on community growth
  • An update on Nerves development
  • A really fun demo

It has me thinking about what a healthy place Elixir is in. We’re not just making inroads into a single area. Phoenix is pushing Web development, but Nerves is taking us to the embedded world as well. This is an exciting time for us as a community!


I thought that too James.

There is another place where I think Elixir is excelling - and that is influencing us on how we develop. I’ve learned so much about how some of the best modern approaches to development can be incorporated into Elixir while learning about Elixir itself. Such as how to implement Microservices, how to code with single responsibility in mind etc. On top of that we have Elixir and Phoenix themselves pushing best practices (the way Elixir apps are structured, Phoenix Contexts, etc).

@pragdave in particular has been particularly inspiring thought provoking topics (and I am hoping to start some discussions about these in the near future).

For me this has been somewhat of an unexpected but massively welcome bonus.