11) ElixirConf EU 2019 - A production grade Nerves System - Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson paulanthonywilson - Programmer, speaker, founder, CEO Cultivate

Software A production-grade Nerves system

Talk in three words: Taking Nerves seriously

Cultivate’s “Office Window System” is a view into the office for their remote employees. It consists of cameras on Pi Zeros relaying websocket-based streams through a cloud-based Phoenix server. Paul will show how they made the system: robust, secure, and performant.

He will demonstrate developing and unit-testing nerves code on development hardware, using umbrella applications to separate concerns, and using OTP supervision trees to make an ultra-reliable system despite intermittent library bugs. Objectives To give a detailed overview of making this Nerves system, with a particular emphasis on robustness, quality, and extensibility.

This talk will be of interest to Elixir programmers who are interested in how to take Nerves beyond toy applications.

The speaker
Paul is a coder with over 20 years experience, including working with C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Ruby, and Elixir. Paul has spoken at various conferences including RubyConf, Elixir Conf EU, The Naked Agilist, Agile Scotland, XP Conf. While Paul is now CEO of Cultivate Software, he still codes and is overly proud of the small contributions he has made to Elixir Core, Nerves, and Phoenix.

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