19) ElixirConf EU 2019 - From Noob to Contributing Noob - Daniel Serrano


Daniel Serrano - Senior Software Engineer

From Noob to Contributing Noob

Talk in three words: Open-source, Contributing, Nice

Daniel’s talk will give an insight into how he started using Elixir, from someone who didn’t know the language to someone who now does. He is now using it daily in Production at Onfido, while contributing to open source projects and getting involved more in the community. Daniel will show how welcoming Elixir is, by showcasing his contributions to spandex (bringing back function decorators), his contribution to httpoison (to support multipart response parsing) and to elixir-thrift (documentation). He will also show you how you can start contributing today!

Incentivise people to engage with the Elixir community. Encourage those starting out to contribute and participate.

Beginners or Intermediate users that want to up their game, start contributing but are sometimes too shy or get the daunting “imposter syndrome.”

The speaker
Daniel has been working with Ruby/Rails for 5 years now. He started out during college with small start-ups and then scaled-up his experience at Talkdesk and now at Onfido. He is excited about Elixir and he thinks it might just be the future of backend!

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