2018/11/24 - SpawnFest - online

Yeah! That’s the list of winners indeed.
Thanks @Nicd.
I’ll see if I can fix the 2017’s website… As you might have guessed, I just forked it from the main one.
Let’s see if @amilkr (or @jfacorro - our newest organizing team member) can help with that :smirk:

Nice! Good luck to everyone who enters :023:

If I just had an idea or project I could use to attend…

You can always register as an individual using the Find a team form at https://spawnfest.github.io/registration
Then work out ideas with the team that you end up being part of :wink:

Thank you, thats a nice feature, can’t remember it was there last year…

Now I need to convince my wife that she allows me to attend, as its the weekend after her birthday… Damn… I should have looked that weekend up before dreaming of participating…

She does not allow :frowning: She wants that weekend to be a family weekend which I totally understand.

@spawnfest can you do the fest a bit earlier next year? Late October to early November would make it much easier to attend. I’m pretty sure I’m unable to convinve my wife to move her birthday :slight_smile:


That’s a pity.

We will do our best for next year (we have to check how many wife’s birthdays we have in October :stuck_out_tongue: ).

You could teach her Erlang/Elixir for next year competition, and you both celebrate her birthday participating in the event together :slight_smile:


Perhaps I’ll try this in 8 years when my daughter has finished elementary, and then teach my wife, my son and my daughter erlang, elixir or any other BEAM language as we go… Can you keep it up that long?


Sorry to keep pestering about the date, but that’s Thanksgiving weekend over here in the USA. Makes it a bit hard to participate since I’ll be traveling. Good luck to the participants! Wish I could join :slight_smile:


Hello, guys. November is here. In less than a month the event is starting!
Check out all the prizes you can win this year https://spawnfest.github.io/#prizes

And remember that the event is totally FREE!


Hey folks, we’re just 15 days away from http://spawnfest.github.io and we still have almost as many prizes as registered teams… in other words: it’s not hard to win something… It’s time to register your team and join us!!

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We’ve pinned the thread for a week :023:

C’mon Elixters, let’s see what you can do in 48 hours! (A lot I bet :lol:)

Btw I’m getting a 404 for the rules page: https://spawnfest.github.io/rules

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WOAH! Thanks, @AstonJ :smile:
The new link is https://spawnfest.github.io/#rules
(You know… single page site and all that crazy new stuff… kids today love :P)
I fixed the broken link in the website. Thanks for pointing it out.

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There’s a rule “No code can be created before the start of the contest.”, but the only idea I have for such an event is the one I dabbled with last weekend (sending aeternity to anyone via a telegram bot), but never actually turned into anything. Does it preclude me from developing this idea further during the contest?

It’s perfectly fine, you can work on that. And it’s ok to use some bits of preexisting code as long as you make it clear for the judges to see what code is new (i.e. what code they should evaluate).
I’ll add something like this to the rules soon, since you are not the first one to ask about it.


1 week to go
20 teams registered
14 prizes available

It’s time to register your team and win something amazing doing what you love!


Registration is closed, but look at this map folks! These are all the devs from the 30 teams that will be playing Spawnfest this weekend. I think it’s amazing.

…and now we need some kiwis to join us next year! :wink: :new_zealand:


We just made all the repos public.
You can find a list of them in this twitter thread or you can see them directly on github.
There are many projects there that I’m sure will be useful for the community as a whole.
Congratulations and good luck to all the teams that participated this year!


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