2020/02/01 - BEAM Devroom (Erlang, Elixir & Friends) at FOSDEM 2020, Brussels

Hey all! :wave:

I’m really excited to announce that we will be having a Devroom at FOSDEM 2020 dedicated to the BEAM (and all languages running on it!). FOSDEM is free conference dedicated to open-source software, and one of the largest in the world, with over 8000 people attending last year. This is the perfect venue for us showcase the power of the BEAM and get even more people excited about it :rocket:

The Call for Talks is now open, and you can find it here. You can also follow the #beamfosdem hashtag on Twitter. Whether you’re submitting your talk proposal, or you’re just attending the event, we hope to see you in Brussels in February :belgium:

The people that are proudly organizing this Devroom :nerd_face::heart::


Nice, I wanted to finally go to the FOSDEM, and maybe this time I finally accomplish that. Now I need to come up with presentation.


Looking forward for another great year at FOSDEM! :belgium:
For those that may never have experienced it, I must say it’s an incredible experience! :beers:

Great to hear about your willingness and desire to submit a talk @hauleth! :partying_face:

Any hot topics you all would like to see addressed at this year’s Devroom? :smile:
Anyone else planning on coming to Belgium? :flight_arrival:


Thank you so much for organizing the devroom, seeing Elixir at FOSDEM makes me really happy! :partying_face:

Not sure about any topics that I’d like addressed, but I will definitely be in the BEAM devroom that Saturday.

What are the ways one could contribute to make the devroom a success? In other words, is there something that you folks would need help with?


Congratulations for having a devroom. Indeed a lot of people come to this place and it is a good place for showing the power of the beam. Try to make a lot of advertising before the event. There are places where you can put flyers. You have a mascot, bring it. And don’t forget to wear your elixir/erlang/beam T-shirts. Maybe you get some place in the hallway. Then you get a small table for your small gadgets, flyers promoting the language, … but you need somebody to talk about the beam … It is one of the best place for advertising. A lot of people will pass. And of course is a good place to talk with other people what they are doing … at the end of the weekend you are tired but you go home with new friends … but if you stay a little bit longer in Belgium you can go to Config Management Camp in Gent. (https://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/ghent2020/) Gent is also a very nice place for visiting … anyway a lot of success at Fosdem.


Hey @fteem, sorry for the late reply. You can definitely help by spreading the word amongst people you know will be as interested as you are in a BEAM devroom, or just on twitter and other social media.

Additionally, on site (in Belgium) we can discuss other ways of helping if need be. You can also join the #fosdem room on the Elixir Slack channel, which I see you already have done. :white_check_mark:

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Indeed it’s a very nice place to advertise the BEAM. I was overwhelmed last year by the people that attended the event (8000+ according to the organizers), and felt really sad that there was no Elixir / Erlang talk anywhere! We’ll make sure to bring our BEAM related merchandising :smile: hope to meet you there @yerrysherry :belgium:

This is great - well done for organising it :023:

I think there is enough awesome stuff in the BEAM that we just need more ways to reach people outside of our current strongholds - things like FOSDEM are perfect.

I’ll be really interested in hearing how it goes - please report back to us :blush:

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Thank you @AstonJ :slight_smile: Will report back after the event :+1:

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Just a reminder that the Call for Talks will close next Monday, so hurry up if you want to submit your talk!

It’s a great occasion to enjoy a weekend full of open source, beer and french belgian fries.


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