23) ElixirConf EU 2019 - An adventure in distributed programming - Wiebe-Marten Wijnja

@Qqwy Wiebe-Marten Wijnja - Maintainer of 20+ Elixir libraries, and Elixir Forum moderator :slight_smile:

An adventure in distributed programming

Talk in three words: Adventure in Distributed Programming

At Planga, Marten and his coworkers are building a seamless chat service that runs on Elixir. To keep this system scalable and fault-tolerant, they make a lot of use of Elixir’s supervision and distribution features.

In this talk, Marten will explain the basics of distributed programming and share their experiences in scaling from one server to multiple servers (in potentially remote locations) and in what ways Elixir/OTP helped them and might help you, as well as the challenges encountered along the way.

Teach people the basics of moving from a single system to a distributed one.

Beginners and intermediate Elixir developers that are interested in (and/or would like to start writing) distributed applications.

The speaker
Wiebe-Marten loves creating things that just keep working. A computing scientist in body and mind. Wiebe-Marten has 12+ years of practical web-development experience. In 2012, he started to specialise in working with decentralised, distributed and fault-tolerant systems. Initially working with Blockchain-based systems from 2012 onwards, the BitTorrent protocol, and other systems that allow for decentralised data sharing. He is an enthusiastic open sourcerer, a long-time developer using the Elixir programming language (maintainer of more than 20 libraries on Hex.PM), and a moderator on the Elixir Forum. In his spare time, Wiebe-Marten loves making music (piano, marimba), running, dancing and experiencing new things.

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