3) Lonestar ElixirConf 2018 - Elixir is for Startups - Angel Jose

Elixir is for Startups - @ajose01

Why would you want to use (or suggest) Elixir to a startup? Over the past 5 months that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Transitioning from ruby to elixir has been a great experience, but we’ve noticed unexpected benefits that suit startups perfectly.

Some of the benefits we’ve noted: Uptime, release speed, scaling, onboarding and recruiting.

I’ll share some experiences on how this can be something you can use in your own startup, or pitch to your existing team.

Audience: Beginner, Intermediate

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Thanks! Any chance I can be “Angel” instead of “Angle”? Although angle does have a nice ring to it. LOL.


Sorry, I wish I could change it! That’s pulled from the Youtube video itself so you’d have to ask the conference organizers. Although maybe some of them are on the forum.

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