8) ElixirConf EU 2019 - Functional Concepts in Elixir - Wolfgang Loder

Wolfgang Loder - Software Engineer and author

Functional Concepts in Elixir

This talk provides a deep dive into functional concepts in Elixir. We will talk about Pattern Matching, Higher Order Functions, Recursion, Continuation Passing, and Referential Integrity. Many examples and diagrams will illustrate these concepts. We will also emphasize the application of these concepts in real-life Elixir applications with code taken from the Wolfgang’s projects.

Attendees will be made aware of the concepts that Elixir, Erlang and other functional or hybrid languages follow. These concepts will help to structure Elixir applications and code in a better and more maintainable way.

This talk will appeal to attendees who would like to know more about the functional concepts behind Elixir.

The speaker
Wolfgang has been programming software since the second half of the 1980s. His journey went from Assembler and C to C++ and Java to C#, JavaScript and Elixir. From ‘Waterfall To Agile’, from ‘Imperative to Declarative’ and other paradigm changes, too many to list and remember. Wolfgang was a contracting ‘enterprise developer’ for most of his career, rejected all calls for management roles and remained hands-on until today. In the last few years, he has written books and started focusing on developing Elixir applications with Elm and JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js as the client platform. Wolfgang was born in Vienna and enjoys extended stays in Kenya and lately Portugal.

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