A Beginner's Guide To Deployment with Edeliver and Distillery

While there are a number of good articles on deploying Phoenix releases with Edeliver and Distillery, it still took me a significant amount of time to piece together the different parts to get a working deployment.

I’ve just written a guide for deploying a Phoenix application to an Ubuntu 16.04 server in the hopes that it helps someone who’s struggling with the process. I now have a deployment workflow that I use daily for my own website, and it works very well. I’ve decided to write it such that the reader with little DevOps knowledge can still follow along.

Deploy Early and Often: Deploying Phoenix with Edeliver and Distillery (Part One)
Deploy Early and Often: Deploying Phoenix with Edeliver and Distillery (Part Two)

Update: Automated Backups
Update 2: Secure Your Phoenix App With Free SSL

I’d also love to hear any suggestions for improvement. Cheers!


So many thanks! I was looking for it long time ago, can be cool to continue with the SSL and backup sections!

Working on it right now! I’ll let you know once it’s up.


Thank you so much @ziazek, exactly what I needed today :+1:
I’d also like to know how to setup SSL and do backups :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

Here’s how I do backups:

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Thank you so much for the effort of writting up your experience and learning! I found it very interesting :raised_hands:

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It looks perfect! Finally, i found “deploying” tutorial that is not with Heroku. Thanks for writing, @ziazek

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Here’s another follow up about setting up SSL for the above deployment flow.

For anone looking for build and deployment examples, you might find this post useful (Working Example and Tutorial: Phoenix + docker + edeliver + distillery ) It includes a link to a working example of building with docker on a mac for deployment to a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS: https://github.com/appdojolabs/myapp

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Thank you so much for this write up!

I followed it and got it set up for a server now. I ran into a edeliver problem related to Phoenix 1.3, this is the comment from another thread that helped me: Edeliver not working after switching to Phoenix 1.3 . If you want to, I think it would be helpful to add a small edit mentioning this in your guide for future readers.