A simpler alternative to Phoenix that is more like Sinatra?

I have some problem with Phoenix, I do understand how it works but the whole file/code architecture doesn’t fit my way of developing web apps. There is anything else that I can use? I would like to use something really simple like Sinatra. Is Plug the way to go?


Only Raxx comes to mind, maybe try that one.


Phoenix doesn’t tie you to a specific folder structure. You can use whatever one fits you better, and then just change the paths in the Phoenix configuration.


Yes. Plug.Router will include a lot of the Sinatra like functionality, except for the rendering layer, which you can use Phoenix.View for (it is its own project).


Being myself not a great lover of Phoenix MVC framework, I opened a topic on this issue here.
It might help you - there is a bunch of very useful suggestions in there.

PS: Eventually I found for my needs a modus operandi without Phoenix, successfully implemented it in production, but this depends a lot on your project’s business requirements. For a really complex/large project maybe is it better to eventually learn and use Phoenix.

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Would you mind sharing your approach to structuring web apps?

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I think @pmjoe was referring to the MVC pattern in fact.
And I fully sympathize with him on that. :grinning: