Access to GPU with Elixir

Ho guys,
I’m new to Elixir and I’m switching from my Java OOP formation to FP. I’m finding the official guide very good for learning.

I would like to realize a graphic project: I want to make something similar to Processing but in FP ( Processing (programming language) - Wikipedia , ).

To do this, I have to learn about GPU programming (no experience) and how to access it from the higher level environment Elixir.
I need some indicati in, no matter It could take a lot. I’m working on this on free time and have no deadlines, just enjoy this project as It come.

Thank you a lot

There are a couple of projects around making use of the GPU.

In Erlang, there’s a long-running project called Wings3D ( that uses OpenGL.

The Elixir projects seem mainly to focus on machine-learning. There’s an entry point to that world here: Elixir and Machine Learning: Nx v0.1 released! - Dashbit Blog, OR JIT/GPU accelerated deep learning for Elixir with Axon v0.1 – Sean Moriarity, and some work that predates Nx here: Deep Learning library with GPU(CUDA/cuBLAS)

Good luck with your project!

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You can access OpenGL via the Erlang standard library’s :gl module.

I found a good blog post about this but it’s from 2016 and some of the code needed sprucing up to run on modern Erlang / Elixir / wxWidgets versions. Repo for that version is GitHub - al2o3cr/elixir_opengl: Demo app for interacting with OpenGL from Elixir

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