Advise on Setting up your own Database on Digital Ocean

Is it good to setup your own MySQL/Postgres Database on Digitalocean or just use an already made Database provider?
i hope you understand my question. thanks

I think it depends, and that you’ll need to provide some information to get a focused answer, such as your sysadmin experience, project details, budget, priorities, etc.

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Ahm. I’m completely new to this kind of stuff sir, i always use Heroku and their ready made Database Add-ons but now i want to move my app to digitalocean and i dont know if it is good to setup my own database. My App target users is about 200-300 users per day.

You can definitely set up your own database. Just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Have regular backups scheduled
  2. Test your backups regularly
  3. Make sure you secure your database, don’t expose your database ports to the public internet
  4. Make sure you don’t expose any ports to the public internet, just expose the database port to your intranet private IP of your digital ocean droplet.
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Thanks sir, is there any downside if i setup it alongside with my App?

With 200-300 users you would probably be fine setting up on the same instance as your app. Just keep an eye on it. When you want to scale it things will be more complicated though.


check these articles, they also handle backup etc.

running it all on little machine is fine for something small, but it depends on what you need for failover/redundancy guarantees, how business critical it is etc.