An interesting way to get started

Hi, I’m Chris - first post on this forum, been lurking a while though.

I found out about Phoenix through Hacker News. From there, I started having a dabble, realised it was actually pretty complicated if you don’t understand the Elixir syntax, and then resolved to learning the basics first :slight_smile:

The way I’ve been learning Elixir is primarily through two books:

  • Programming Elixir: Functional |> Concurrent |> Pragmatic |> Fun
  • Introducing Elixir: Getting Started in Functional Programming

Book learning is all good, but I knew I needed to get some hands on. It turns out, as soon as I did, well… I didn’t quite understand everything as much as I had assumed :slight_smile:

Anyway, finding challenges to solve as a beginner is really hard. I have some problems I want to address but they are require a fundamental grasp of the core concepts.

One way I found I quickly learned Node was through Node School.

I searched for something similar in Elixir, and found this:

I am only on the third lesson (word count), but it’s been really helpful so far. I reckon by the time I’ve got through even 50% of the lessons I will be fairly competent in the basics of language, ready to start working on my ‘bespoke’ problems with some level of confidence.

That said - is anyone aware of any other ‘challenge’ / Elixir exercises ? I love learning like this, and the more options the better.


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and of course more generic :slight_smile:


`Since you already found out about exercism, perhaps you are interested in joining the team to increase the chance to get commented?


Hi, sure - I’ve been doing them anonymously, but have just joined up under - codereviewvideos

Thanks @sysashi also, going to check out


FYI: Études for Elixir (github, o’reilly, eBook) is kind of the exercise book for Introducing Elixir - though I suspect that the exercises are far more basic than what you get over on

Seems Introducing Elixir is getting a second edition end of this year.


The exercism exercises are really challenging me so far. I am thoroughly enjoying solving the problems, and I genuinely feel like I’m learning a lot - about the syntax, and how to apply it to in solving the problems. Awesome resource.

I’ll check out Etude’s after this. I did see that originally - a few weeks back when I started looking into Elixir more seriously - but the title sounded at the very least “intermediate”.


Hi Nobbz,

Can you send me an invite? my github is


In addition to the Études for Elixir, I’ve found Elixir School to be a good learning resource as well. I will have to check out


Elixir School is a great resource, but I caution folks using it to learn the ins and outs. For me, it’s value has been more of a reference - it is clear, concise, and built for folks that already know the concept, but may just be looking for a refresher on syntax.

I will say that Sean Callan was at Elixir / Phoenix / Nerves Open Camp and said that the project has plans to add a lot more features. No word on timing on that. (Personally, I really enjoy the project’s current state - it’s just what I need).



I read in one thread about using new web frameworks in polish programmers forum about Elixir and Phoenix and I had no idea what’s Elixir or Phoenix, so I checked it out. This post change my life :slight_smile:


I would highly recommend and Daniel Berkompas does a great job with it. (Disclaimer: he works for me at Infinite Red)


I signed up for both sites this morning, looking forward to going through the content over the weekend. Please thank Daniel for me. His blog is really awesome too.


I would love to get an invitation :slight_smile: