Announcing Phoenix Phrenzy, a contest to build the best LiveView demos

Have you built fun things with LiveView? Have you been waiting for a reason?

Phoenix Phrenzy is a new contest for the best demos using LiveView. Winners will be decided by user votes, and the prize is bragging rights. You can work alone or collaborate with friends on an entry, and you can enter more than once if you like.

We’d love to see even more great demos come out of this, and use it as a chance to invite new developers into the exciting world of Elixir.


Ah nice! Can’t wait to see the entries and winner! :023:

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This is great. I’m going to try my best!


I am so curious what people are planning to submit!

Can we create another thread for ideas? I would love to collaborate on something with someone else.


Feel free to use this thread Trevor (that’ll help keep it ‘current’ as well) or, if you prefer go ahead and start a new thread in the #your-libraries-projects:projects section :003:


Is there a timeframe for the project? Basing on user votes without a timeframe is not very contextual.

Does this help:

Contest Phases

  1. Phase 1: Entry submission

From July 29, 2pm EDT to September 30, 5pm EDT we’ll be accepting entries. Contestants can create one or more entries and update them as often as they like. Entries will remain private during this time.

  1. Phase 2: Review period

From September 30, 5pm EDT to October 7, 12pm EDT we’ll review the entries to make sure they follow the Official Rules and Code of Conduct.

  1. Phase 3: Voting

From October 7, 12pm EDT to October 20, 5pm EDT voting will be open and consist of a simple thumbs-up. Upvote submissions and write comments if you wish. A number of “VIP” judges will also be invited to comment. At this stage, all votes and comments will be visible only to their creator.


Ah. Somehow I missed the link to the actual context :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I built :video_game: Tetris - Kachori Game :video_game: play here :computer_mouse: :link:

The story of how I built this is blogged here

You can message me your feedback and screenshot your score.


I’ve built a basic Kanban board with LiveView and DraggableJS. Positions are persisted in DB, updates are shown in real time to other connected clients. That’s only ~70 lines of app-specific js.

The little story: for a coding challenge I had to mimic Trello’s behaviour (sorting cards, live updates) with React and Ruby or Elixir. After the challenge, I was curious to see if I could use Phoenix Live View, add some js interop with the new ‘hooks’ system and PubSub. It turned out pretty well!



Where did the idea for the big gray blobs come from?

I was considering an :zombie::woman_zombie: Evil mode :woman_zombie::zombie: so I came up with a wide board width… i.e 20 tiles and a few Evil shapes.

You can play both modes… class i.e Regular and the Evil mode. Just choose the mode :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not to late. I managed to throw together a quick app. The one and only reason I made this is because I have a habit of writing haiku when I’m bored at work.


@Zesky665 You made it - I see your app awaiting approval.

I was wondering how you counted syllables and I see you’re using regexes. I have no idea why that works, but it seems to! :smile: Where did that idea come from?

Nowhere in particular, it just seemed like a problem that lent itself to regex.

Syllables are not super well defined (in text at least), but there are a few heuristics that you can use to find them. By counting vowels, where two adjacent counts as one and ‘e’ on the end of the word not counting. This gives you decent accuracy. And this pattern is quite easy to find with regex. So I did it :slight_smile:

I probably should have explained that in the documentation(which I didn’t write :sweat_smile:) .

That’s really cool. I love the simplicity of that idea. It’s also very flexible - I typed nonsense English-like words into my haiku and it counted the syllables correctly. :+1:

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I don’t know if this contest is still on. I would have loved to participate because I’m sure the experience is gonna be exciting. As a developer at timbu, working or collaborating with other people on forum projects like this gives experience and opportunity to connect with like minded fellow globally.

The entry phase for Phrenzy is now closed - voting opens in 5 days, as the countdown on shows. But people always love to see cool LiveView demos, so feel free to build and share outside of the contest. :slight_smile:


I know this is probably too late but have you thought about making the list of apps something that’s able to be seen without logging in?

If you try to access as a logged out user it forces a sign in.

It makes sharing what LV is capable of really difficult because you can’t just say “hey goto this URL and look at 30+ example apps”. Instead you need to explain how you have to sign in first to see them even if you don’t plan on voting.