Any customer support systems built with Elixir?

Hi! Our company is currently looking for a new customer support system.

As we build our own products with Elixir and Phoenix, we thought it would be nice to start using a customer support system built with Elixir.

A quick search lead me to Papercups, see and An open source alternative to Intercom/Drift/etc for more info. Unfortunately, that project seems to be in maintenance mode for over a year now, which does not make it feasible for us.

Does anybody know about other options built in Elixir?

Without going into too much detail, we basically need an e-mail support system, where incoming support questions can be assigned to a specific person. We do not need other features like live chat and marketing e-mail, it is just for product support.

We prefer a hosted solution and are willing and able to pay for that, but self-hosted options are welcome too, as long as they are still actively maintained.

Thanks in advance!

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A genuine question: Why don’t you build such a system and open-source it? Or build upon Papercups and expand it? Make it more modular?

Why don’t you build such a system and open-source it? Or build upon Papercups and expand it? Make it more modular?

Hi, thanks for the reply! As we already have a product we are building, expanding and supporting, it wouldn’t be feasible for us to also build and maintain our own customer support system. So it’s a matter of limited capacity (time) and also focus.

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My company (AmberBit re-built Keeping, and we’re still actively working on it, me personally included too. It’s a support system that integrates with GMail. The back-end is entirely in Elixir (a rewrite from Java), and is Google-certified and has thousands of active users.


Wow, great! Seems like a good fit for us, we’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks!

Other suggestions are still welcome of course :slight_smile:

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Hi Hubert,

Keeping looks really good. Thanks!

We currently send messages to our agent and customers depending on the status and time since last response. This is partly available in the SLA Automation, but we also want to remind our customers that we are waiting on their response. Do you have any plans on adding such rules (Monitors in Kayako and Supervised Rules in ZohoDesk) and if so, when would it be available?

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Hey @roeland - Cody, founder of Keeping here!

We have a suite of features slated for development (likely to come in early 2024), that would include what you describe. We plan on expanding our automations and SLAs to include a “Reply with Template” action that could be triggered based on conditions you set.

As an aside, Elixir (and Phoenix/Oban) has scaled with us very nicely since we launched in 2019 - we love the ecosystem and community!



Thank you for the information.