Any Online IDEs with Elixir support?

Hi, could you please tell me if there are any online IDE with elixir support and if so could you please help me setup it if it requires knowledge of docker etc…

Thank you guys

What do you expect from this online IDE?

Do you need it (or the edited code) self hosted or are you able to put it under control of a third party cloud or even in the hands of the IDE provider?

Do you even want to fully self host?

Do you need more than one colaborator on the project?

Do you only need editing or do you also want to run tests on the host of the provider?

Have you considered simply setting up a dev env locally? Usually this is much superior over any online IDE, as you can do it the way you want.

I just want something that I can use in work in my free time (cant install anything on my work laptop) if the project source code can be hosted/saved on IDE site, that would be good :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any, but cloud9, but I have never tested or used it.

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Something like this? You can upgrade some versions (elixir, erlang, the elixir ideal plugin) in the dockerfile, I have not worked on the project for 7 mths.


I had a similar requirement for a short period and made use of Codenvy. For example I created a linux stack and a project then installed Elixir etc. and made use of their IDE. The free version is not fast, especially to get up and running, but it might be suited to your requirements.

There are lots of pre-built stacks of various compositions, but I preferred to build mine from scratch and I believe they also support use of your IDE locally (should you need it).

Edit: would help if I posted a link:

Codenvy looks good enough for my needs but I dont know how to create stack. Could you please help me? All I want is Elixir, mix, Phoenix whould be good with some DB but it is not requirement. Thank you

If I recall correctly:

  • Add/set up a Workspace
  • Whilst defining the workspace you can select a stack

I chose a single machine (Ubuntu) and then once running used the terminal to configure it to my needs. As I mentioned previously, set up can be a little slow and I am not certain if this is a limitation of the free account, or not.

There are some quick-start options that may give you a better start and save the hassle of having to configure your environment, but I have not looked at those.

Hope that helps :smiley:

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Thanks a lot!

You can use my stack.
The docker image has only the elixir and Erlang last version, with this environment you can install all requirements for the Phoenix framework. The database is better you create outside with some other service providers for Amazon, Google and others on the product lines DBAS(database as a service), I can help with this too next time.
For now, focus on boot your elixir phoenix project and made visible the server.
You need to create a new workspace -->
Select add stack (option NO, when asking to you “create a new stack”) -->
In the fill MACHINE uncollapse DEV-MACHINE and set source krlsdu/stack-elixir -->
Finish the fill of formulary and save and test your task.
After finished your stack, choose on the list in your workspace.

You can try using a remote server with vscode…

This is a video for setting it up.

Best regards,

Joaquin Alcerro

I haven’t tried StackBlitz, I saw they have Elixir there. will have Elixir support soon.

For online IDE, I’ve been using codeanywhere. Not the best, but easy to use.

I have been trying and the experience has been great! You define dockerfile and settings using files in your repo. For example, here are .gitpod.Dockerfile and .gitpod.yml that will let you develop Elixir project on

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