Anyone deployed a website on their own hardware?

37 signals sounds like they’re moving off the cloud onto their own hardware. Leaving the Cloud Part 2 — Rework — Overcast
Also exists where they’ve deployed a site that runs off of solar power.
I’m not entirely sure if nerves fits in for deploying a website on your own hardware or if it would be nerves plus phoenix or just phoenix?
Has anyone tried it?

Like can it be done on a raspberry pi or do you need something with a little more heft?

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You can run a website off of a rpi. Anything able to run linux reasonably well should do. The question will rather be how much performance you need and/or can squeeze out of it.


I’m planning to do it soon-ish: use Zola as a static website generator, host the compiled HTML / CSS / JS assets on a home server, and put Cloudflare in front of it. Ideally my server would be hit mostly shortly after I am updating the website and CF will be caching it and serving it from their servers after.

Netlify’s free plan + CF is another option.


Running the site itself shouldn’t be an issue (any linux capable hardware can run a site) it’s the network side of things that can be more challenging/costly.

Most data centres have things like power generators in case of failure, multiple redundancy connections to the internet in case one goes down, protection from things like DDOS, etc.

Nevertheless if you still want to do it (and as professionally as possible) then…

Good luck and let us know how you get on! :023: