Are there any other books for graphiql+absinthe?

I have book to learn graphiql+absinthe , it is cool, but for new version of phoenix, it hard to use, because in every example getting alots error, is there updated version of this book, or alternative books for graphiql+absinthe?

There is this resource… it’s not a book, but a video course.

by @mikeclark and nicole.

It is NOT free, but I enjoyed it, in particular the data loader part.


tnx so much for that, that is cool. I hope to see new books also next :slight_smile:

The Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe (Pragprog) book is written by the creator of Absinthe so it’s definitely one of the go-to resources. Usually when following along it’s best to use the same versions as the book - have you tried that?

yes sure, that is coool, but it is always throw error for new project in Phoenix v1.6.6.


Use the same version as the learning resource if you want the smoothest experience.
Use the latest version if you want to play on expert mode :wink:

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