Author of SpaceVim wanting to improve the Elixir layer - please help

I am author of SpaceVim, As you know SpaceVim is a vim config which provide layer feature.

I want to improve the elixir layer in SpaceVim. But I am really new to elixir, I am going to learn elixir, and try to find what is the most needed feature when coding elixir.

if you know any elixir vim plugin, please let me know. and here is a list of feature, a language feature should support:

  • Fix imports.
  • Show documentation.
  • Show variables usage (in file/in project).
  • Go to previous/next method
  • Go to implementation.
  • Go to type declaration.
  • Go to super class (or method).
  • Go to test class (or method).
  • Rename variable.
  • Fix linter errors.
  • Place breakpoint.
  • Start debugging.
  • Override interface methods.
  • Generate constructor/getter/setter/getter and setter/equals/test method

There is vim-elixir, here:

I use it for code formatting, works fine.


Thanks, I will add this to elixir layer. and anyone use neovim?

what the differences between these plugins:


Nice one Wang, good luck :023:

Re Neovim, you can see code editor usage here: Elixir Code Editors & IDEs - which one are you using? (Poll)

@slashmili is the author of Alchemist.vim… hopefully he’ll see this and might be able to tell you the difference between the two…

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nice, Thanks for your info, I just include the alchemist.vim into spacevim’s elixir layer, I also add a REPL support for elixir.

please check

BTW, for debug, I do not know which tool I should use, I am really new to elixir.

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and would you like to add SpaceVim into the list? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately polls can’t be added to once posted - but we’ll add it to the next one :+1:t3:




Well of course alchemist.vim is cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. For start if you check the repositories Alchemist.vim is more active
  2. If you check you’ll see more people added Alchemist.vim to their dotfile repos
  3. Alchemist.vim is using ElixirSense which is used in Atom and other editors so the chance of getting update and patches is more because more people are using that.

@SpaceVim I’m using Elixir day to day. so we I can dogfooding your experimental branch :wink:


Thanks, I think the elixir layer in spacevim is done, any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using it though I don’t think it has elixir language server support yet?
I do love it though. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, and I think you can create issue about this feature, I do not know if there is a language server for elixir


greate work, I will look into it, and try to use it in SpaceVim

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Good luck. If you succeed I’ll be very likely to switch back to vim for Elixir as I moved to VS Code mostly because I thought ElixirLS was worth switching for.

I just read the doc, But I can not find how to build it, what does <release_dir> means?

I just clone this repo, and should I run mix release -o apps/elixir_ls_utils/lib/?

In current version of SpaceVim, we use alchemist.vim for elixir support in vim. what is the differences between alchemist-server and elixir-ls?

Oh, elixirLS seems greate, I will add lsp support for elixir in SpaceVim. This should be added before SpaceVim v0.9.0 is released.

the pull request is:


I have merged lsp support for elixir into SpaceVim, and the elixir language layer doc is:

and I am not sure if any one need a Chinese verison:

BTW, we are calling for code owner for elixir language layer, the code owner feature is a new feature of github, for more info, you can check out:


Hello, I have wrote a post about using vim as Elixir ide.