Benjamin Milde – Looking for remote contracts

Hey Folks,

I’m Benjamin Milde, based in Munich, Germany,

Due to covid continuously affecting my usual business (strongly related to in person retail/events) I’m currently looking for contract work though my company made it GmbH.

I’ve just over 3 years of elixir experience creating and maintaining an SaaS application for scheduling, staffing and processing on location jobs from teams of freelancers. Before that I did a few years freelancing using PHP.

I also have a degree in media design, so I’ve an eye for design work as well. My definition of full stack therefore goes even beyond programming :slight_smile:

I’m looking for either local or remote contract work:

  • Frontend Dev (Vue, Svelte, Alpine)
  • Backend Dev (Elixir, PHP, CMS)
  • Generally help move projects forward



I know it might be an obvious place to look, but it could be worth adding a link to your profile too Benjamin :blush:

(For anyone interested… of those with the most accepted answers/solutions here, Benjamin is in the top 3 with over 250 under his belt :003:)