Best way to learn Liveview 2023

Hey, I have very restricted resources and time so I’m trying to understand the best way to learn Liveview in terms of cost/time.

The PragmaticStudio course seems to be the best if one wants to learn quickly, but being expensive I’m wondering if the Learning Phoenix Liveview Book wouldn’t be better and more deep even if it takes more time, so opinions are welcome.


There are many free resources. To name a few:

The official documentation

Elixir school

Elixircasts has a free section


But cheap and fast is a difficult combination. It also depends on your current knowledge, and your goal.


Having worked my way through the pragstudio course and spent a lot of time looking for other resources, the course is well worth the money spent and is the fastest way to learn. The only downside of the course is that you don’t build a single thing, so you do need to ability to generalize certain concepts and ideas, but it does an excellent job of introducing LiveView. It does assume that you have some understanding of Phoenix and Ecto.


I have full knowledge of Phoenix pre LV so I need only to catch up with LV things.

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If you’re already comfortable with Elixir and Phoenix and just looking to learn Liveview, give Programming Phoenix Liveview from Pragprog a look. There’s also a book club for discussion of the book!


“Being expensive” is a relative concept :slight_smile:
Having said that, I deeply appreciate PragmaticStudio as they not only have excellent content but provide Parity Pricing, ie, if you are located in a country with lower purchasing power you have discounts that, as I know, goes at least 60%, so if you really live in one of these countries you just need to use a discount code they provide when you access their webpage and you get a price that should be fair for you.
I wish more would be like them.


Yep, I’m from Brazil and there is actually a discount coupon, thanks for pointing out

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Copying what I posted in another thread:

Don’t forget you can get 35% off PragProg books and 20% of PragStudio courses with our coupon code :023:

You also have a chance to win a copy of Programming Phoenix LiveView by participating in our spotlight on Bruce Tate over at DT:



I’ve just finished it and absolutely loved it! Though I only watched videos but haven’t been doing the exercises.

To folks in doubt willing to start learning LiveView - don’t be, it’s still a great resource to get started!

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