Blinkchain - Control a grid of NeoPixels from Elixir/Nerves


If you want a fun project to hack on over the upcoming holiday, pick up some NeoPixel RGB(W) LEDs for your Raspberry Pi-based Elixir/Nerves device and check out the latest release of blinkchain (formerly known as nerves_neopixel)! :rotating_light: :sparkles::rainbow:

It now supports commands to draw on a mutable 2D virtual canvas (e.g. composed of a bunch of strands or one or more Pimoroni Unicorn hats) instead of having to calculate the updated values for all LEDs manually each “frame.”

Check out the example and let me know what you think!

Note that I’ve currently only published a release candidate to Hex because I’d like to take some time to play with the final product a bit more myself as well as collect feedback from others who might want to try it, before I officially call it 1.0.0.


This looks really cool Greg! You’ll have to video a demo and upload it for us :003:

I reckon you could possibly sell some kind of system based on this for Christmassy window displays too - not sure about over there, but here in the UK people love putting up lights in their windows through the holiday season, so I reckon it could do rather well!! :lol: