Building a CMS based on Phoenix and Elixir


I’m just now getting the hang of both Elixir and the Phoenix Framework.

It seems to me that building a Content Management System might be something simultaneously challenging, fun and useful.

I’m looking for both Elixir, Phoenix and also general CMS help (data modeling, security concerns) and stuff like that. Any help, link or direction is appreciated.

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I’m doing the same thing (not as a formal project but just to experiment). It’s a good way to test the waters.


Nice! I also just found this:


You could look at ExAdmin - An Administrative Framework for Phoenix for inspiration :slight_smile:


It took me a while to have some free time to work on this. I decided to simply build my own personal blog using Elixir/Phoenix and then, maybe later, transform it into a more general “CMS”.

I had a kick tonight just building up permalinks like domain/my-blog-post, this is looking promising :slight_smile:


The good people of The Changelog Podcast have recently opensourced the CMS that empowers the whole Changelog site. You can find it at the GitHub repo.

It may be of great help and/or inspiration on developing not only a CMS but a general web app in Elixir/Phoenix. The guys really put a lot of love in the making!

Hope it helps you getting some ideas and acquiring some knowledge about the data modeling or any other feature.


Their work is awesome!

Thanks for the link. I understand they’re mostly focused on the Podcast / Audio processing side of things but it’s very inspiring nevertheless.

I just got back to my project, might be looking for contributors anytime soon :slight_smile:

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