ExAdmin - An Administrative Framework for Phoenix

Create an elegant Administrative GUI for your Phoenix/Ecto application with a couple console commands. Customize the interface with a convenient DSL ExAdmin was inspired by Ruby on Rails’ ActiveAdmin.

Find it here on Hex.


Just published 0.7.4 with support for a new theme. The old theme is still supported through a configuration option. Use the github master branch for Ecto 2.0 support.


Nice one Stephen, I am sure many people are going to find this very handy :023:

Just a quick question, was there any reason in particular why you went for something more like ActiveAdmin rather than RailsAdmin? I opted for RA in the end as it required a lot less set up than AA (or at least it did when I opted to use it). Not a criticism, just wondering if there were any reasons for your decision :slight_smile:

@AstonJ. Simple answer to that one. I wrote ExAdmin when I was porting an existing Rails / ActiveAdmin app to Phoenix and needed something familiar. So I did not really take any time to evaluate other solutions.

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That makes sense :slight_smile:

I think they both ended up being pretty similar in the end (but was curious all the same).

I have an umbrella application I’d love to use ExAdmin for. However, my web and repo are in separate applications. I’m running into some issues using the mix admin.gen.resource task to add models to the dashboard.

Is there any configuration changes I can make to account for umbrella applications? (I thought I’d ask before digging through the code.)


I just pushed a ExAdmin phx-1.3 branch with experimental support for Phoenix 1.3 projects created with mix phx.new. Its still a light on testing, but I need get back to another project now. Will followup in a couple days with passing tests.


I’ve started working on some ideas/prototyping of a major overhaul of ExAdmin. I’m pretty excited about moving away from the DSL approach and using a more Phoenix based approach. Now’s the time to jump in an voice your opinion on these changes. Checkout this issue for an overview and some ideas I’m playing around with right now. Please free free to leave your feedback.


@smpallen99: Any updates on this? Is there a new version of ex_admin that we can contribute to and/or use in upcoming projects?


@vraravam I’d love some help bringing it back to life. I don’t have a lot of time to work on it myself, but will make time to review pull requests. After a few commits, and when I’m happy with you’re code quality, I’ll consider adding you to the committer list.

The first task that needs do be done is to clean up the phx-1.3 branch so we can merge it into master.


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@smpallen99: I had submitted a couple of PRs for both ex_admin and contact_demo a long time ago (almost 1-2 years ago) - but, they are still not merged in. If they are not following your guidelines, it would be good to work them out and have them merged in. That might give you some confidence in making me a committer?

Of course, the phx-1.3 branch getting upgraded is also on top of my list - so, i’ll take a look at it this week - and see if i can make some PRs for that.