Cheatsheets in ExDoc v0.29

ExDoc v0.29 is out with a new amazing feature: cheatsheets!

Alongside guides and API reference, cheatsheets are another option for Elixir/Erlang devs to share their knowledge with the community. Check the cheatsheet’s cheatsheet to get started: Cheatsheet User Guide — ExDoc v0.29.0

Cheatsheets are Markdown files with the .cheatmd extension - so they fit right in with the community practices. The work is heavily inspired by from Rico Sta. Cruz (he also designed the Plug/Phoenix error pages!) and was a contribution from Paulo Valim.

I am looking forward to the cheatsheets the community will come up with and we will have some for Elixir soon. :slight_smile:


Nice :star_struck:

:star_struck: awesome :star_struck:

I saw you fork devhints on GitHub. I didn’t know you had such great plans.

Thanks for this awesome feature, now I can use hints without reservations.


Yay!!! :saluting_face:

I would love to be able to print devhints cheatsheets out in paper, and wished they would provide printer friendly PDFs.

We would absolutely love a PR that adds a print.css to ExDoc and makes the cheatsheets printable.

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