Christmas Giveaway - Lets celebrate the time of giving as a community!

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Ho ho ho Everyone!

In this time of year, celebration is in the air !
So I thought it would be a cool ideal to celebrate this event as a community, by doing a giveaway!

Starting today, you can all enter a contest to win the big version (yes, all 19 books!) of the Functional Programming HumbleBundle:

I have 3 gift codes, that will be gifted to the winners.

How can I participate?

Participation is simple:

  • Post in this thread a link to an Elixir article that you have enjoyed (can be a video, a blog post, a code snippet, anything publicly available).
  • Each like your post receives counts as a point!
  • You have until January 6th to make your move. January 6h 2023 will be the last day !

After that, the contest is over, and I will send via PM the gift links from humble bundle to the winners. If we have a tie, the winner will be selected by random.

I hope this can be a great way of ending this year, by remembering the best content our community created. Let’s all remember together !


To celebrate the spirit of the contest, here is my entry! (Which will NOT be counted)

I find code smells very important. I believe identifying a sickness is the first step into solving it. So I think that every Elixir developer should know a few of these code smells, only then can they heal ill code bases if they find them!


I was really impressed by Elixir Desktop library, I think it opens so many opportunities =)


For me, this video won me because in 100 seconds it told me something I didn’t know at all, that there was such an amazing language that I had no clue about unfortunatelly. Now I am here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Watching these 3 videos, back to back, made me get into Elixir & Phoenix:


Thanks for doing this @Fl4m3Ph03n1x it’s a great initiative! :orange_heart:

Ooo nice! I’m a huge fan of Fireship’s in 100 seconds series and can’t believe I missed their Elixir one! (In my defence I put YouTube in my block list for a large part of the year!)


@Shadow AH yes, I totally agree! I am using it in a personal project myself :smiley:
@pedro_ldk Very good short summary. I didn’t know Motorola and Pinterest both used Elixir. How cool is that?
@derpycoder Ooff, 3 submissions for 1 post? You are going in hard! The presentation from Saja was my favorite!


Another talk that I find interesting, regarding type checking with elixir!

As a fan of of type checking in general, I think others may enjoy it as well!


there is a newer one, from the same person


Nice, and how has been your experience with it?
Are you using it for mobile too or just desktop?

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I am using it for a Windows App, together with Bakeware.

The interface looks like this:

There are a few things I have yet to figure out, window size according to screen ratio is one of them.
Then there are also platform specific issues, for example, the new Ubuntu release was not really working properly with the library and it took quite some time for the issue to be fixed.

Other than that, my experience for the Windows platform has been rather positive, and I am happy with the tool. My greatest gripes are with Phoenix itself and the fact I am a crappy UI designer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another article for the day “Comparison of Flow in Elixir”:

My favorite one is the Token approach, the one use in my personal projects, maybe because it does not rely on Ecto and is not specific to Plug.

For simple projects, Tokens win imo!

As usual my posts do not count for the contest, ,so feel free to post something yourself !

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This post from @lawik explains the tradeoffs of Liveview under limited connectivity/accessibility scenarios.

Valid pain points addressed with short and nuanced answers.

Not the typical “it depends” post.


It might be related to this post

also, my posts do not count for the contest… the prize is impressive, but I have purchased them all over the years :slight_smile:


Does Erlang count? This is by far the most helpful video I ever watched about Erlang/Elixir


Technically this is only for Elixir, but since your video is mostly about the BEAM VM and many of the lessons there can be extrapolated to Elixir, I will count that one as well!

@kokolegorille It’s a shame you are not participating, but yes, I believe that post refers to that video :smiley:

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In general, I considered the Elixir-Mix episode about observability a valuable source, and it came exactly at the right moment. Exactly when at my company we had to plan how to get better insights into the software at runtime.


For me it’s the efforts to make the ElixirLS codebase more maintainable and approachable for other people to contribute. It’s such a integral part of the ecosystem and I feel it doesn’t get the love it deserves.


Could I post multiple posts?

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Merry Christmas! Even though it’s the most useless of all the previous examples, I like @wojtekmach’s lightning talk on OOP! because it’s the funniest of them all: