Coming from .NET and looking for replacement UI components

I know this isn’t a question specific to Phoenix but more about life outside the .NET ecosystem.

I’m a long-time .NET developer and I’m investigating the feasibility of moving our core product to Phoenix. However, I am struggling to find compelling replacements for some of the libraries we depend on. A good example being DevExpress’ GridControl ( see for a live demo). This control comes out of the box with support for filtering, sorting, grouping, etc. This is a paid library but considering the amount of time it would take to create an equivalent grid from scratch, it pays for itself.

I would be grateful if anyone familiar with such a grid control could point me in the right direction. I have looked at ag-Grid but was kind of disgusted by the model of open source but pay-to-use.

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Well phoenix doesn’t define UI components, that’s just whatever HTML and javascript you use, which phoenix does not lock you in to at all. You should be able to use whatever javascript library you want for that displaying. :slight_smile:

I get that Phoenix is just a web framework and not a UI toolkit and that my question could equally apply to Rails, Django, and just about any non-.NET framework. My point was the .NET ecosystem offers ready-built components that you can drop into any ASP.NET project. Outside of that ecosystem you’re left trying to find dig through the many many options. I was hoping someone could point me to something they’ve used and would recommend.

is it like an admin interface? maybe describe what you are looking for more precisely

there is:

which I believe is superseded by

there is also


think all them takes some effort to get going - I would probably roll my own - perhaps using unpoly - or by using Drab (or wait for Phoenix LiveView)…

Over in SPA world there are also things like

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We’re using prime-ng at work, but that means you’ll also have to buy in to angular (or react). KendoUI is probably another option, but obviously neither solution feels as integrated as devexpress is with and the server

What about Vue.js along with Vuetify? Vuetify pretty much has every Material design component under the sun.

Or vue.js with Quasar also with Material theme

Yes even Old school jQuery is possible.

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I have a very similiar concern. I don’t think there is any similar products to Devexpress or Syncfusion UI components. The open source tools don’t come close to the functionality. Did you find anything? I guess we could just serve the data up to the controls, using Vue or some such?