Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir (PragProg)

Svilen Gospodinov

edited by Jacquelyn Carter @jkcarter

Learn different ways of writing concurrent code in Elixir and increase your application’s performance, without sacrificing scalability or fault-tolerance. Most projects benefit from running background tasks and processing data concurrently, but the world of OTP and various libraries can be challenging. Which Supervisor and what strategy to use? What about GenServer? Maybe you need back-pressure, but is GenStage, Flow, or Broadway a better choice? You will learn everything you need to know to answer these questions, start building highly concurrent applications in no time, and write code that’s not only fast, but also resilient to errors and easy to scale.

Whether you are building a high-frequency stock trading application or a consumer web app, you need to know how to leverage concurrency to build applications that are fast and efficient. Elixir and the OTP offer a range of powerful tools, and this guide will show you how to choose the best tool for each job, and use it effectively to quickly start building highly concurrent applications.

Learn about Tasks, supervision trees, and the different types of Supervisors available to you. Understand why processes and process linking are the building blocks of concurrency in Elixir. Get comfortable with the OTP and use the GenServer behaviour to maintain process state for long-running jobs. Easily scale the number of running processes using the Registry. Handle large volumes of data and traffic spikes with GenStage, using back-pressure to your advantage. Create your first multi-stage data processing pipeline using producer, consumer, and producer-consumer stages. Process large collections with Flow, using MapReduce and more in parallel. Thanks to Broadway, you will see how easy it is to integrate with popular message broker systems, or even existing GenStage producers.

Start building the high-performance and fault-tolerant applications Elixir is famous for today.

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Great news!
Does anyone know why mentioned coupon code is reported as invalid?


Same thing is happening to me. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon, so we can read the beta version of this book. :slight_smile:

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Had the same challenge, waiting patiently for a valid code.


by the way, the discount coupon is valid right now.


As mentioned by @herminiotorres this should now be fixed :003:

Is the book still in Beta as the website mentions?

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Yes… it’s one of the things many of us love about PragProg books - we get them hot off the press so the content is fresh and current and we get updates as the book progresses - so you could buy it now and you will receive updates right through until its finished for print (and usually some time after too!) :003:


Hello, someone bought the beta book? care to share your impressions about this book?
Looks interesting


I just finished this book. It was fantastic. I won’t claim to have a thorough grasp of the subject matter because of my lack of experience with real world applications where the topics covered would be used. That said, I found the pacing and style to be perfect for me. The organization of concepts building one to the next was very nicely done. I am excited to find some projects where I can put these concepts to use. Highly recommend.