CPU switch from Intel to AMD Ryzen 1700 - will it shorten build/compile times?

Intel left me hanging with the 7700k, single handedly voted as the worst purchase of 2017. It is good and all that.

But my question is, has anyone moved from that CPU to f.ex. AMD Ryzen 1700 ? I am extremely interested in if I will notice anything, as it is much slower cores, 3.0 GHz vs 4.2 GHz but then again, you have 8 cores and 8 threads instead of 4 each.

So my question is, will this shorten my Angular build times or compile times, both in elixir and f.ex. visual studio and node js and other. How quickly it runs tests.

I could not care any more about extra frames in FPS shooters than I do if one football team wins another. But This affects me, all day, every day.

Any inputs are welcome

There’s a thread about Ryzen and AMD (in relation to Elixir) that might be of interest to you: