Dark Phoenix

Sorry I couldn’t resist!! :lol:

Looks amazing ^^ - however it got me thinking, what would a Dark Phoenix (or a dark mode) look like to you?

You can interpret that however you want - a future version of Phoenix, an alter-ego, a slight variation, a polar opposite even…

(Btw, Chris, if you think this thread might give you nightmares, feel free to zap it or lock it at any point - interpretation for everyone else: be nice and behave! :stuck_out_tongue:)

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For me, I’d love the idea of Chris exploring an alt-version which you could specify with a flag on project creation mix phx.new hello --dark-mode (or to not confuse newbies, could just call it the --experimental-mode), where…

  • LiveView is part of the project
  • A basic user/auth system is part of the project (I believe this could also help with reusable components that could be shared privately or publicly on Hex)
  • Slightly different file structure so the typical MVC’s are grouped by feature/component (I think @sasajuric and a few others are already experimenting with this idea, and I personally love the idea of building apps as a series of components… Having this in Phoenix could even mean those interested in the ReplaceableComponentArchitecure may not even need to go down PragDave’s route of building apps as a series of small individual components.)

I want to add that I think Phoenix is already amazing! The more I am reading about it the more I love it! :orange_heart: If you haven’t got the book, I highly recommend it! Not only will it show you how beautiful Phoenix is, I guarantee you will be left admiring and respecting Chris even more than you did before - because of all the work he (and his co authors) have put into the book; I haven’t even finished the book yet and they’ve already basically shown how you can create your own web framework, by meticulously breaking down how Phoenix works. Of course this also makes you feel like you know what’s going on in Phoenix… and that there really isn’t much confusing ‘magic’ that we find in other web frameworks. Go get the book now with your forum discount of 35% off - it’s worth every penny!!

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Dark Phoenix - Now completely rewritten in JavaScript. You’re still able to handle thousands of simultaneous, stateless connections - but you have to handle each in its own operating system process.

Thankfully, however, the channel client and server are written in the same language so you can use commodity developers to work with them.


^^ :043:

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Lame… That’s not dark. It sounds like some pixie dust that works based on the power of love or some sissy thing like that. It should have UndeadViews that feeds on human sacrifices and the blood of virgins. It also feeds on the blood of virgins, which is always a plus.

Phoenix is also a lame name. It should be renamed to vampyre. It’s like a vampire but darker because Y is a cooler letter. Also, a phoenix isade up of fire, which brings light and warmth and joy. A vampyre is cold, and heartless and slowly saps yout sanity.

Core contributors Chris McCord and José Valim should be referred to as the Twin Counts of Dread Christos Americus and Yosephus Brazilius, and they should ritually murder and drink the blood out of the remaining contributors, because the Twin Counts of Dread do not share the arcane power.

The docs should be rewritten in ominous-sounding latin and quote liberally from passages of holy books from several religious traditions, but twisted and perverted beyond recognition.

In nomine vampirus, latentia reducta est. Microsecundus responsum habeas. Sanguinatorum virginicus contaminatus est. Yosephus dominhs absolutus est! Vivat rex imperator! Dominus vult!