Deploying Docker container to azure

I need your help with doing deployment with docker. I have not been able to find any resource that seems to be useful to me on the internet. I have an understanding of how docker works but I have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to deploy a container, connect it to an azure postgres database, run migrations and seed the database. If you have any ideas that can help me I would appreciate it.


Maybe this thread helps you :slight_smile: Run migrations on Docker Production

Glad to see you’re also working on this. I’m trying this sometime during the fall and will revert with any insights I’m able to share :wave:t2:

That will be nice

As a privacy policy and complying with NDAs I don’t keep code of former customers anymore but yes, it’s very doable and not hard at all.

I can only point you at this GitHub search, hopefully you can find the right Dockerfile for your needs:

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