Deploying Elixir (Book)

@alamba78 and @dgamidov I kind of panicked at first because:

  1. Like it was said there was no information and no progress bar about the book so I thought it was a finished book

  2. It wouldn’t be the first time I see people trying to sell “great” books with “expert” content and then they’re just a dozen pages at most barely teaching you anything but the bare basics


I just saw this thread, but for those interested I’m working on a book, specific to releases, but with content that touches on deployment as well. I don’t have a specific release date in mind yet, since I want to finish the first pass of all the content first, but I’m hoping I can do that within the next 2-3 months. For those not using releases it may not be that useful, but I hope to make them appealing as an option for deployment, so it could still be interesting if you’re curious about them. It’s a topic I’m pretty passionate about, so I hope I can write more than 13 pages about it :wink:


Nice, let us know the details and we can add it to our book thread too :003:


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Will do, once I get some time to get a page up with details, I’ll make sure to post it there :slight_smile: