Deployment Category FAQ

Hey everyone!

This category is intended to facilitate discussion about deployment-related topics. Issues, Q&A, guides, discussion on tooling, etc. If you find a deployment-related topic posted elsewhere in the forum, let @bitwalker know, and he can get it moved here.

This category is new, but it is our hope that it will facilitate building a better strong base of knowledge around deployment within the community - as it is now, things are rather scattered. If there are specific things we can do to improve the quality of information here, let one of us know!

Notable Topics

Elixir Deployment Tools - General Discussion, Blog Posts, Wiki

Important Reading

Releases - Erlang Manual

Describes releases in detail. Definitely worth reading if you plan to use releases.

Release Handling Principles

Describes how releases are deployed, and particularly how upgrades are handled. Worth reading if you intend to use hot upgrades/downgrades.

Appup Cookbook

All of the gritty details on authoring .appup files, which tell the release handler how to upgrade one version of a release to another one. If you are doing complex hot upgrades, definitely read through this.


Thanks Paul - I think this will prove very useful for the community :023:

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