Elixir and gRPC - what's the status / what can be done better/differently?

I’ve heard of several companies using Elixir + gRPC successfully. Tubi is one example - which sponsors grpc

However, grpc still depends on pre-release version of gun. There is a fork for that - Fork of Elixir GRPC as grpc development does not seem very active. Can anyone from Tubi can comment on what’s going on? (@tony612 seems here!)

Also there is GitHub - tsloughter/grpcbox: Erlang grpc on chatterbox (in Erlang) which uses chatterbox for HTTP2 and gpb for Probotuf. nathancyam/boxy is a demo project to show how to use erlang protobuf/grpc from elixir.

I’m curious what people are actually using in the production, and any experience of using the lib.

Also what could be ideal. For example, spear implements grpc client side with mint, not using grpc library (which uses gun), and gpb for protobuf. It makes for the client library - then would it be better if we have grpc-server and grpc-client separately? Does it even make sense as grpc can be bidirectional streaming rpc?

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I’ve used elixir-grpc as a client library with TLS authentication on the production, which the library currently supports. It would be fine if you use just that. The current lack of:

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