Elixir and Protobuf / gRPC

Does anyone have any experience with using protobuf / grpc and Elixir?

I’ve seen https://github.com/bitwalker/exprotobuf and https://github.com/tony612/grpc-elixir but I was wondering if anyone had used them, and if they feel they are ‘production’ ready, as in they work and are stable?

Long story short, I have a few different services that need re-writing, and I was going to place them all behind a GraphQL server for easy access from other more front facing services, but for communicating between themselves and the GraphQL server I was thinking of using protobuf for it.

Now, I haven’t actually used any protobuf stuff before, but I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and this seems like it could be a good project to use it on.

Does this seem like a good fit for it? Are there any large drawbacks? (From what I’ve been reading about it, the main one is visibility for debugging, but it seems that might be mitigated with interceptors)



I’ve been exploring grpc for some work stuff. Based on my testing so far I don’t believe that grpc-elixir is quite ready for production. The pattern that you’re describing seems reasonable but its hard to say without more context about your domain and the problems that you’re specifically trying to address.