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2 posts were split to a new topic: Deprecation warning says to use :naive_datetime but I’d like to use :utc_datetime


I wrote about using GenStage to maximize HTTP/2 performance: http://tech.footballaddicts.com/blog/maximizing-http2-performance-with-genstage


They are not something I would really miss anyway. :wink:


I think it was mainly for recursion, but it is not difficult to do it anyway, without the Y-combinator.


So I wrote a love letter to OTP applications and umbrella projects here:


I recently published an example use of Elixir’s Behaviours, in the context of implementing Badges:


I wrote a blog post about doing side projects in Elixir. It discusses the proper mindset for approaching side projects, finding ideas, and planning:

Elixir for Programmers course - should we adopt Dave Thomas' way of organizing GenServers?

Nice, but I don’t agree with about splitting API functions and server functions into separate modules. They are much easier to work with in the same module.


Thank you so much for he feedback, means a lot!

It’s not set in stone, and I’d often do it too. Part of the factor might be that Elixir is more verbose than Erlang, and bare bones GenServer with couple of callbacks is already quite long in terms of line numbers. Maybe I just don’t like long files :slight_smile:


A quick TIL in a few more words than expected :smiley:


Stumbled across this (i.e. I haven’t actually read it):

###Full-Stack React With Phoenix (1.2.4)

I want to create private chat for my Phoenix application, which course/book/blog-post do you recommend?

Here’s a short and simple post on recursively using URI.parse to flesh out a partially specified URL. I recently used this in a small side project to build a fully-qualified URL which was needed by the web crawler I wrote in a previous post.


#The Secret Behind Elixir Operator Re-Definitions: + to -

This article comprises things like creating new definitions for existing operators.

Extra Cheese

  1. Live Demo with Explanation
  2. Humour Touch
  3. Screen Shots


Hey all,

I was inspired by this year’s Advent of Code to dig deeper into the Stream module. That digging lead to writing an article that explores using Stream.iterate/2, Stream.unfold/2, and Stream.resource/3 to generate enumerable streams with Elixir.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


Hey all,

I’ve just published a blog post on how I approach testing in Elixir:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :wink:



Hi all,

When learning a new language, one can come face to face with impostor syndrome. The chances are even more when you’re learning the new language alone.

Recently, I wrote an article that talks about a journey that started with an intention to better understand some of the concepts in Elixir via learning by doing and it takes one through the roadblocks I faced along the way and how I found ways of getting unstuck that lead me to reflect about things beyond Impostor Syndrome and how the overall learning experience helped me to be a better programmer in general.

This blog also highlights how one can find collaborative ways of learning, leaving you with the realisation that there are more exciting ways of learning a new language even when you’re actually learning it by yourself. I bumped into roadblocks while solving the Sublist exercise on Exercism.io and this blog talks about how I found work arounds to overcome those roadblocks by reading the conversations around other’s solution of the same problem on Exercism and how that led me to the realisation that my learning was still collaborative and fun!.

The article that talks about this journey in more detail - https://codeburst.io/the-journey-of-solving-an-elixir-exercise-on-exercism-and-how-that-led-me-to-look-beyond-the-98fb9d7ae298

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.


Hi colleagues!
I’ve just published a post:
Designing scalable application with Elixir: from umbrella project to distributed system
I hope it helps you to write better Elixir code!

Look forward to hearing your feedback!


I found fairly interesting article about binaries in Elixir. It contains a lot of details and examples, so I do recommend: https://medium.com/@mentels/a-short-guide-to-refc-binaries-f13f9029f6e2


Code formatting is easy now with the help of mix task mix format . It will take care of all you care about cleaning and refactoring as well. It can assure a clean code base…more


I blogged again (sorry):