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@sfusato Hey another Erlanger!

A note:

iex(3)> [x, y, z: true] == [x, y, {:z, true}]

You put [x, y, [{:z, :true}]], which is:

iex(4)> [x, y, z: true] == [x, y, [{:z, :true}]]


Also on Streams, those aren’t an Elixir’y thing, they are just repeated function application underneath, trivial to do in Erlang as well. Structs are just maps. Etc…

However the quintessential Elixir’y bits of Elixir are Macro’s. The tooling built up around Elixir works for Erlang as well (except using the ASN.1 compiler in erlang, that’s still borked in Elixir…), you could implement protocols in Erlang the same as you could in Elixir (In fact my ProtocolEx library could even use a ProtocolEx or implementations defined in Erlang as long as a couple specially named named functions with appropriate returns are defined).

But the one thing that is horribly hard to port back to Erlang are Macros. Sure Parse Transforms give you the power, but not the succinctness, and there are parse transforms that add AST quoteing and compile-time calls, but it never gets as succinct as Elixir macros. Macros is what elevates Elixir from just a beam language to a more Lisp’y language without the parenthesis (though if you like the parenthesis look at lfe, it’s an awesome beam language as well!). :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Happy new year!

Processing Large CSV files with Elixir Streams

In this article I introduce Elixir Streams as a powerful and elegant way to process large CSV files. I compare the greedy and the lazy approach with some memory and cpu benchmarking.

As always, any feedback is really appreciated! :smiley:


Create a High-Availability Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with Kops

This article is mainly focused on DevOps. I show how to create a High-Availability Kubernetes cluster on AWS with Kops and deploy a Phoenix Chat application.

I hope this can be useful to the Elixir community. I find interesting the idea of experimenting and discussing (in further articles) the deployment and update of distributed stateful elixir apps on a Kubernetes cluster.

Please let me know what you think. I’m here for any question :smile: