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Great post with very clear ideas. I’m going to try refactor some old form helpers to separate the Bulma view structure from the purely contextual stuff. Thanks!

Then it’ll be interesting to see how much will change with the upcoming Phoenix HTML changes.

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Just wrote this article about code test coverage.

Two part (so far) series on using Commanded in a Phoenix API:


On May 24, we all celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elixir.

It was on this occasion that we asked our Elixir developers about:
how they started their adventure with Elixir language
how long it took to learn Elixir to feel confident in this language
what advice that they would give to developers who want to learn the Language
and what sources they use for learning Elixir and everyday work

If you’re curious about how #CuriousPeople do it, check out this blog post! https://curiosum.com/blog/questions-to-elixir-developers-10th-anniversary-of-elixir-language

Developing Facebook Chat Bot Application

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This is a series of 5 articles the guides you in developing the facebook chat bot from scratch from creating Facebook Developer account to Sending and Receiving Messages to Bot by adding Webhooks.

The following links are the parts of this series.
PART-1 | PART 2 | PART-3 | PART-4 | PART-5


Are you familiar with credential stuffing attacks? Maybe you have heard about the dangers of password reuse, and even implemented defenses in your own Elixir/Phoenix apps. Have you ever tested the defense?

In this post, learn how credential stuffing works by writing your own testing program in Elixir. If your Phoenix application stores sensitive data, this is an excellent project to see if your current controls are working.

Testing a Phoenix application for credential stuffing with Elixir, Floki, and HTTPoison

Here a quick tip about how to import CSV files into Postgres really fast!

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Fly.io Blog: “Setup VSCode for Elixir Dev”

Hey all, I wanted to share this blog post by @brainlid on how to setup your VS Code workspace for Elixir development.

One thing I wish they covered was how to setup Dialyzer and Credo with VS Code extensions. If anyone has a good guide for this, please share below!


Triggering repeatable animations from the server in LiveView & Elixir

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Nice article, thanks!

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How to build the simplest feature flag system in Elixir & Phoenix apps

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Using ETS to speed up database imports by almost 300%

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Setting User-Agent in Elixir with Finch, HTTPoison, Req, or Tesla

Four examples of how to set your user agent when making HTTP requests, thank you!

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Two Kinds Of Elixir Constants

Two ways you can emulate a constant in Elixir code.

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Check out 12 popular startups written in Elixir language!

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This is a walkthrough of how to use javascript in a clean manner in a livebook component:


ElixirConf 2022 Teller Challenge Writeup

My writeup on the Teller challenge, I did the virtual one, which was different from-person.

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A list of things a newcomer could skip vs things they need to start immediately.


I wrote a blog post for creating a simple infinitescroll page using LiveView, Intersection Observer API and JS interop using phx-hook.


“I am the classic example - my background is mainly Ruby” - he said. Why Michał changed his programming road?

Meet Michał Buszkiewicz - a Senior Elixir Dev himself! He’ll give us his insights on what it means to be a SENIOR Elixir programmer, share some of their favourite features, and talk through how he developed over time (and how you can develop yourself!)


Elixir is a hot topic in programming right now. I could tell you about its benefits, but why don’t we just go ahead and ask this guy who knows everything there’s to know?

Learn more from the interview!

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