Elixir Chat App: Upload Foreign Language Packs

How do you install foreign language packs on an Elixir chat app, so the User can read the chat interface in their first language?

Specifically what type of module or function would you need to create? If not module or function, will language pack installation fall under a “deps*” or dependency in the mix.exs file? Do you need to compile language packs as you would a dependency?

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You may need to provide some additional context and information in order to get a useful response.

What do you mean by “upload to the app”? Are you suggesting that users upload these translations themselves, making translation a sort of community-driven thing? Will translations be shared between users?

Is this a Phoenix application?

Can you rephrase this question?


Some resources in the meantime:

  • Gettext, the default API that ships with Phoenix for translation: Gettext — gettext v0.20.0
  • ex_cldr, a set of packages providing localization data and APIs based from the Common Locale Data Repository: ex_cldr | Hex

Translation is a non trivial problem.

If what you want to translate is your application specific hardcoded labels, then it’s somewhat manageable, with the libraries mentioned in the above comments. :point_up_2:

It’s generally how translation is tackled.

So user from Japan will see you application in their native language, and will type their messages in their own language.

However if you want to translate messages that are dynamically generated, like messages typed by Japanese people to be translated so people from any country can read them, then you will need GPT 3 or something equivalent.


Also be sure to check out this brilliant podcast with @kip




Definitely. Thanks!

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Awesome. Thanks!