Podcast: ThinkingElixir 120 - Localize and Personalize Your Elixir Apps

Episode 120 of Thinking Elixir. Localizing and personalizing an application is separate from the language used in the interface. Kip Cole explains how the mismatch of computers with the culture of our audience creates friction we may not even be aware of. In fact, our benign app may be unintentionally offensive to millions of people! Kip created the libraries ex_cldr, money and tempo to help Elixir developers localize applications in a culture aware way. What does that mean? It means using minimal information we can infer how names should appear, how numbers are represented, the assumed numeric rounding rules, first day of the week, the calendar being used, and more!


Thanks for having me on the show @brainlid - it was a blast.


Well that was without doubt one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever listened to! So much so that I ended up listening to it 1.5 times :lol:

As I was listening to it I was thinking that I must comment that you really should write a book Kip! You’re incredibly eloquent and witty and I am sure you could make even the most mundane of topics interesting and fun! I was pleased to hear you are collaborating on one - I shall look forward to it!

Thanks for having Kip on the podcast (tho you forgot to mention he’s also part of the moderator team here on the forum ;))


It’s great listening to passionate people go on about their passion. :upside_down_face:

@kip I refer to times with the timezone all the time. You only need to drive from QLD to NSW to an important event only to arrive an hour late because you didn’t know they were in daylight savings once. Bloody daylight savings.

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I know what you mean - it fades the curtains and the cows never know what time to come in for milking!

There was one example - I think the most complex I’ve seen - that I couldn’t remember during recording:

Arizona doesn’t apply DST, but the Navajo nation (enclosed by Arizona) does. And the Hopi reservation, partially enclosed by the Navajo nation, does not apply DST.

Humanity - its just messy.

PS: Glad you enjoyed the cast, @brainlid and team do a really great job making their guests feel welcome.