Elixir/Ecto API Server / Angular 7 Front End / Cloud Deployment Tips

I have an Elixir/Ecto API server that I would like to deploy to the cloud. Same for the Angular front end. I’ve done some googling and searching in the forum, but I feel sort of directionless. Can someone provide some pointers to get me on the right track. I want to start down the right path to begin with.


Is the Angular app separate from the Elixir app?

If so, you’ll want to deploy these two separately, correct?


Does your application angular frontend have been built with ng build?

If so I don;t think there is a lot of difference between using a node server to connect to angular then a phoenix server connecting to your frontend.

The only difference is that you are going to use the specific deployment techniques to setup a phoenix api server for production.

If this doesn’t solve your problem then please offer more requirements that you have.

Hope this helps

Yes, correct.

Yes, my Angular app is built with “ng build”.

Actually, my server is not a Phoenix application. I use Plug.Router for routing and Ecto.Adapters.SQL.query to perform SQL queries against my Postgres database. I am reasonably familiar with Phoenix and Ecto, but prefer to access my database via SQL directly rather than through an abstraction layer.

My requirement is simply to deploy my Elixir server to the cloud, preferably AWS. I’ve briefly looked at nanobox and Gigelixir. Nanobox seems to be unavailable at the moment. When trying to setup an account I was directed to a DigitalOcean page offering to notify me of an upcoming beta. Not sure what that is about. I’m taking a closer look at Gigelixir now.

I guess another way to state my requirement is just to become aware of the various alternatives. Once I have a complete set of candidates, I can take it from there.

Much appreciated.

OK, now that you stated your requirements others can help you further, because i don;t have experience in the deployment area yet.

best regrads

I use gigalixir, it has a free tier to try things out, and you can choose AWS or GCP, although if you want to use their postgres setup, you have to choose GCP (US).

I don;t know if automation or one of your requirements but found this post which should be useful if you are comparing on this are as well.

The part that might be interesting for you is this

Edeliver was first deployment tool and still enjoys its share of popularity despite being almost non-maintained. It had a very good documentation and versatile possibilities that were than enough to help with such complicated process as deployment.

Yes, there are other tools right now like Bootleg and MixDeploy which might be even better, so what’s the reason to put effort in solving non-existing problem.

I definitely don’t want to solve non-existing problems. There seem to be quite a few options. I’m just trying to pick the right one(s).

The post is about deployment automation and various solutions that are now available to do that.

So definitely not non-existing problems