Looking for Docker experts to team up for SpawnFest 2019

Hi fellow Alchemists,

Registration for SpawnFest 2019 is just about to be opened and I want to invite you to practice Outside-In TDD while working on reincarnation of a project that already brings value to the community today.

Edeliver was first deployment tool and still enjoys its share of popularity despite being almost non-maintained. It had a very good documentation and versatile possibilities that were than enough to help with such complicated process as deployment.

Yes, there are other tools right now like Bootleg and MixDeploy which might be even better, so what’s the reason to put effort in solving non-existing problem.

Here is my list:

  1. None of the tools (to my knowledge) cares about “transactional” deployment, i.e. rolling back strategies.
  2. There is no project with e2e tests.
  3. It will be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is one option how Edeliver 2.0 can look like Call for feedback: multi-node deployment tool (Edeliver 2.0) design
That’s not a final design, just concept and still need a lot of polishing.

It will be great to build versatile team with different skill sets, especially welcome are people with strong Docker skills because I personally don’t even have an idea how to setup e2e testing with 3 machines inside one container.