Elixir Expert/Consultant

Elixir Expert/Consultant
Consultancy Service on a remote basis

Introductory paragraph
We are looking for an Elixir Expert with consultancy service focused on architecture development and coaching. We are a Swiss based start-up company disrupting the HR (Human Resources) industry. Our team is young and looks for an experienced (approx. 5 years) Elixir/Phoenix engineer who can provide us consultancy services on a remote basis. The goal is to bring our system/platform collaboratively forward. Interested? Please do not hesitate to get in contact: ihu@treazrly.com

About us
My name: Ivan Huwiler
My position: Data/Information and Technology Advisor
Company name: Treazrly AG
Website: www.treazrly.com
Country: Switzerland

Company info and history:
Treazrly is a Start-up company based in Zurich/Switzerland. The company works together with two other companies, which are already well established in the market.

About the job
We are seeking a consultant passionate about best practices in architecture and development to contribute and bring our system/platform to the next level. Our team is young, agile and top of the game. Elixir is used for the backend, for the frontend we use Vue.js, PostgreSQL is used as the database.

About the interview process
Initial intro call, call w. Team and Co-Founder


The forums sponsors list contains some excellent options for advice and guidance.

See https://sponsors.elixirforum.com/

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