Elixir for an absolute beginner?

And that is specifically because new Blah() will always take in the same shape (specifically nothing) and return something that is always the same shape (specifically whatever it is… if programmed well). Object.create can take in varying shapes of input and can output different shapes as well, makes it extremely difficult to impossible to optimize. Like I said, it is all about the shapes. :wink:

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You are again right :slight_smile: for anyone who cares about details
http://mrale.ph/blog/2014/07/30/constructor-vs-objectcreate.html by Vyacheslav Egorov
BTW. Sorry for taking this discussion offtopic

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Useful article! This was the first result from Googling “Javascript V8 shape” for me and it seems to go in to more detail if anyone is curious, plus pictures. ^.^

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Vyacheslav Egorov has a lot of videos on V8 internals as he was one of V8 devs

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Thank you guys, don’t think I have abandoned the forum, busy with lots of things, it’s quite hard.

Offtopic V8 JS is it the same thing or what is it (maybe a stupid question :P).

V8 is just Google Chrome’s Javascript engine open-sourced years ago, one of the highest performing ones out (although Edge’s is closing!). It is used as a javascripting scripting engine in a lot of things, including Node itself. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the explanation, Seems that Node.js with Meteor has also a bright future (although most people are not the biggest fast of JS).

I somehow I doubt Meteor has a very bright future :smile: Consultants that will be porting Meteor projects to something else will likely make a killing though :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up, with the internet it is difficult to see what is good and what is right (that why I love this forum the advices were great).

Well @Ivo_N. First, welcome to the programming world. And now, I want to give my 1 cent to it.

I would start not by learning everything at once. Focus in one thing first and then move to the next step. This is what I would do:

  • First, I would learn Elixir, the language. How to create scripts, execute them and get solutions to basic problems on iex. For this, I would just follow the basic elixir guides.
  • Then, I would learn how to create an Elixir application (not a Phoenix web one). How to build the project using mix and etc. And this you also can find a tutorial on the basic elixir guides
  • Then I would move a little bit back and learn some web development basics. Like HTML, CSS and basic, very basic, javascript. I suggest the codeschool.com courses for it, it’s paid, but they are very good, I learned my first steps on web development there.
  • Then, finally, I would go to Phoenix, but with no secret in the front-end. You can start by the phoenix guides, and then try some books like the pragprog Programming Phoenix.

Well, it’s a long trip, but for me, this is the good path, you would just get crazy (mostly because of JS environment madness) trying to learn everything at the same time. Follow this path, one by one, and at the end you can call yourself a phoenix web developer.

For sure you’ll have a lot to learn after that, but everyone does. :wink:


Thank you, Kelvin, for > 1 cent advice.

At the moment I am focusing on HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript. Almost finished with the first 2, JS I just started last Friday. (watching videos about the basics of programming mentioned above, it’s quite interesting it makes me understand some things better). I think if I have finished this I can start slowly with Elixir (baby steps offcourse).

Thanks sharing your advice for learning this language.

Big applause for this awesome community.

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I think i want to start another topic on this

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Well, I totally agree! :wink:

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This is probably the best path for aspiring web developer to learn functional programming/elixir as first programming language who never programmed before.

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