Elixir for Programmers (PragDave)

@pragdave Your first elixir course is the best one I’ve seen so far. I’m halfway through it and I wish there were more of this quality… it leaves out all the annoying fluff and 45 minutes of writing tests with 5 minutes of poorly explained coding. I wish he had more than one course, I’d buy them all.

When do you think your next one will be done? I see you made that comment in september, hopefully soon!


I finished this a while ago but never got around to reviewing it.

The course is very well-presented, in a clear, coherent manner.

The content is great because it promotes a different view of how to build Elixir applications from the majority of resources (official docs, blogs, tutorials, etc) you will find out there.

Essentially, it is promoting a very decoupled approach. In the final project, your application will look like this:

Elixir Web UI – Internal API interface – Elixir service

The result is:
*separate, reusable components
*non-umbrella architecture
*decoupled as much as possible

For my latest work project, we’re adapting a variation of the above:

Elixir Web UI - External API interface – (Non-Elixir) service

This is useful for us because this decoupled approach allows use to introduce Elixir in a project where there are other languages/tools already in place.


Finished the course and I do agree that it was great. Looking at writing up a formal review at some point soon.


Just bought the video course. The “Programming Elixir” course-book convinced me this should be the next stop on my path of Learning Elixir.

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Why should a non-umbrella architecture be considered better?


There was a discussion about that here.


Less temptation to couple code, and more reuse of independent components.



I just bought this course. These reviews are awesome. I got half way through the Programming Phoenix and realized 1.4 is coming soon and so is he book, a lot of what I learned is relevant but very much different so I am hoping this will be better.

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Nice - let us know what you think, I hope you’ll love it as much as I did :003:

Programming Phoenix is out in beta for 1.4 too btw :023:

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Just bought. Looking forward to it!


I am brand-new to Elixir and Phoenix, and I just bought this. I look forward to diving in shortly!


P.S. I have never used Rails, yet most Phoenix tutorials seem to make references / comparisons to it. On a first look, it looks like this one departs from that assumption that everyone has a Rails background - so I am liking it already.



I have some questions:

  • This course receive updates? I see comments above about this course use Elixir 1.5 and Phoenix 1.3.
  • This course is one time payment or monthly?


I don’t think the course has received many updates, but I don’t think any are needed either - any changes or differences will be minimal.

It is a one time payment - get it you won’t regret it :003:


Thanks for your response.

I just bought xD


Nice - let us know what you think :023:

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Know exactly what you mean. This is a valid selling point in my view.

With Dave’s new component library just released - I am intrigued - i have his book (and many others :slight_smile: ) - this has lead me here as i want to learn his approach to elixir coding in particular the component and decoupling. Thanks all for the drawing my attention here.

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The main reason I am quite reluctant into buying his course is because none of his ideas gained traction. I am talking about his opinions about components, libraries and even Noddy.

All seemed good ideas overall, but after spending hours reading community feedback they just don’t hold. And this is what scares me.

Can anyone give me feedback on my fears? Are they valid, or does he present something else, something new?

I haven’t taken the course, so I can’t give any useful feedback. Can you show me some specific examples where his ideas have failed to gain traction in the community?

A small set of opinions regarding his component library (there is a huge one with over 100 posts but I forgot its name):

His Noddy library that didn’t really took off: