Elixir Games!

Is this their game?

Looks good!

That looks great! I got a constant 60fps! :003:

This reminds me of an old arcade game we used to play :smiley: (think it was called 1942)


I remember that - it’s very cool!

You should Marten :blush:

Yup. They gave a talk or two on their architecture, but only in Russian, sadly.

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Ah it would be nice is someone could translate or at least the tldr :smiley:

Does someone have experience with Wade or PixiJS?


As I need 2D only one of these might be better suited than threejs?

I have been using Babylon JS instead of Three JS. But it’s 3D too.

Funny we are from the same country… Grüezi :slight_smile:

Hoi :wink:

Good to know that there are some other elixir brewers around here, which area are you from? I’m near Aarau. I had the impression almost nobody knows elixir/erlang here…

I didn’t know BabylonJS yet, interesting :+1:

I am from Geneva :slight_smile:

Babylon JS is written in TS. It is a nice 3D engine with the basically the same functionality than ThreeJS, but more game oriented, and it includes a Physics engine.

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Will try that if I ever go back to 3D :+1:

At the moment, I’ll go for PixiJS, and report back when i have something to show :wink:

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Oh, I can definitely do it.

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Game should work without firestore now :slight_smile: - although the list of active servers may be outdated with firestore off/

I think I’ve also tracked down the jankyness you experienced and will try to fix if I have some time next weekend :slight_smile: (I think it has to do with me overloading the websocket)

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Found another #liveview game by the @Defacto team :003:


Hey, I hope I’m not late, is there a link to that talk? thanks

Sure, there you go

Bah, I keep telling myself to make a translation and keep forgetting. :neutral_face:


Hi - was thinking somethign similar today for a project I am working on, but my basic understanding of liveview is that it would only prove to be useful in rendering the <canvas> element, and that would be it! Or am I missing something?

I’d use liveview eg for a scoreboard, the game itself i think would communicate via channels. But still didn’t have time to dig into this…

Ooh! Live view for the scoreboard/UI - that’s a great idea maybe I’ll give that a shot.

In bulletz.io I broadcast scoreboard updates globally every time a single score changes on the leaderboard

@LukeWood url still works, but scores don’t load and game doesn’t start?

Ended up taking the server down because I didn’t want to manage the infrastructure anymore :(. Sorry about that - but it’s open source now if you want to run it! GitHub - LukeWood/bulletz.io

Some pedantry on my part…

In the repo, the LICENSE file (and other places, such as the README.md) indicates that it’s not licensed on what would be customarily considered an open source basis, just a source available basis (also as is clear in the readme file).

I expect that current repo license just hasn’t been maintained and re-licensed with your current intent.

Anyway, this message isn’t meant to be some sort of call to action, etc. Just pointing out an apparent discrepancy you might not be thinking about.

Woops! Thats the third time I’ve made that misnomer - need to be more careful with it. You are correct is source-available not open source. Maybe will re-evaluate at some point - mainly wanted people to let me know what they’re working on if they use it.