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It was stated at https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/issues/6172 that Mirrors of the primary Elixir website would be useful since Cloudflare and Fastly have so many issues in so many situations (the situation above is Cloudflare being blocked in Russia), so I set up a mirror. It should sync up at least once a day or so (cron job) but I’d love if the normal Elixir site could just push to it directly (SSH key over SFTP is simple to do), but this should work for now. Feel free to use it if anyone needs it. If anyone else hosts any mirrors then note it here as I’ll make this top post a Wiki entry. :slight_smile:



http://elixir-lang-mirror.elixirforum.com :003:

However note it isn’t on https and I’ve not automated the updating of it yet.

Edit: now updates three times a day :023:

Woot! The more the better! :smiley:

I use Let’s Encrypt to automate SSL on all of my sites (couple hundred at this point), well worth it. :slight_smile:

Updating it should be as simple as tossing in to a shell script and crontab’ing it, I can offer my script if you want, but I’m using rbenv to keep ruby out of my main system (yick). ^.^

On a related note: Are there mirrors for Hex available? And is it possible to configure Hex/Mix to look at a different location for dependency resolution?

Yes: https://hex.pm/docs/mirrors. Run mix help hex.repo for docs.

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Ok the Elixirforum.com mirror is now automatically updated three times a day :023:

If anyone wants the bashscript I am using it is:

cd /path/to/your/elixir-lang.github.com/directory
git pull
jekyll b
rm -rf /path/to/where/you/serve/the/mirror/from/public_html/*
mv /path/to/your/elixir-lang.github.com/directory/_site/* /path/to/where/you/serve/the/mirror/from/public_html/

@OvermindDL1 I use letsencrypt as well, but have never used it on a sub-domain before - I use HAProxy on the front end and Discourse uses Docker (so unusual set-up) and didn’t want to risk any probs with the forum :lol: is https a must just for the mirror which is a static site? I would think http is fine as there’s no log-in, etc?

If there is a simple/easy way to mirror Hex docs I’m happy to do that as well :slight_smile:


I’m of the opinion that https is mandatory everywhere, personally. ^.^
I automated that asap when Let’s Encrypt came out.

I’d like to know too, I have more than enough space so I could mirror it as well. Hex.pm too.

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The easiest way would be to set up an HTTP proxy. You can also traverse the API and download the doc tarballs for every release. https://github.com/hexpm/specifications/blob/master/apiary.apib#L383

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